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This is my personal brotherly advice for all Australian brothers and sisters that Only eat Halal meat which is really good for you. 

In the Islamic way the Animal is not slaughtered in front of other animals nor he is shown the knife so the fear harmones are not released in the body which could become a real disaster for human body both spiritually and physically. 

Also in the Islamic way of slaughtering of the animal only the main arteries are cut so that the blood is properly released out of the body. Dhabiha meat is even more hygienic.
In the non-islamic way the spinal cord is cut and animal gets into a shock resulting in cardiac arrest which results in the blood is stucked in the veins and in the animal body which is a big disaster for the humans to eat that meat because eating/drinking blood is one of the major cause of diseases and also a evil practice by devil worshipers. 

‘Dhabiha’ meat to be exact or what is commonly called ‘Halal Meat’ these days, is the meat derived after slaughtering the animal in accordance with Islamic principles. Halal and Dhabiha are two different things, for example; a pig even if cut in dhabiha way is still not halal and a halal animal can be dhabiha or non-dhabiha, but this is not the topic we are going to discuss here. So, the meat has to be of a halal animal and preferably dhabiha, unless there is no possibility.
In the Islamic way of slaughtering (dhabiha), the animal’s main arteries in the neck are cut swiftly with a sharp knife, without cutting the spinal cord and the animal is left to die, while the heart pumps out almost all the blood from the body. So much blood is lost so quickly that the animal becomes unconscious and feels no pain. Muslims are very particular about the Halal meat and if they cannot find it, they usually eat eggs or fish for protein source, but don’t eat non-dhabiha meat. When the sharp knife enters the tissues of the neck, its cuts open four big blood vessels in the region. 

Only Healthy Animal is sacrificed for Halal meat procurement. But in the non Islamic way i.e. Haram meat slaughter houses in the west don't care about the health of the cattle only profit is their sole or primary motive.
1. An animal that was born without horns or the horns had broken off from the middle, can be used for Qurbani. If the horn has broken off from the root, it cannot be used for Qurbani. 
2. Those animals that are totally blind or have lost one-third or more of their eye-sight, or one-third or more of one ear is cut, or one-third or more of the tail is cut, are not allowed for Qurbani. 
3. An animal which limps and  walks on three legs and cannot put the injured (4th) leg onto the ground, or that it can put the injured leg onto the ground, but is unable to walk on it, cannot be used for Qurbani. However, if it is unable to walk on it, but can still take support from it, then Qurbani is allowed with it, even though it is limping. 
4. Animals having no teeth at all cannot be used for Qurbani. If an animal has lost some teeth only, and has most of the teeth, Qurbani is permissible with it. If most of the teeth are lost, Qurbani is not proper with that animal. 
5. Animals born without ears cannot be used for Qurbani. Animals with very small ears can be used for Qurbani. 
6. Animals that are so thin and weak or sick that they are unable to walk to the place of slaughtering, cannot be used for Qurbani. 
7. lf an animal sustains an injury whilst slaughtering, e.g. a leg breaks or an ear is cut, etc. the Qurbani of such an animal will be valid. 
8. An animal was bought in a healthy and perfect state. After purchasing it, an accident occurred which rendered the animal unfit for Qurbani. In such a case, if the purchaser is not wealthy (Saahibe Nisaab) it will be permissible to offer the same animal for Qurbani. If the purchaser is Saahibe Nisaab, then it is compulsory upon him to obtain another animal in place of the injured animal. 
9. lf an animal bought for Qurbani gives birth (before being slaughtered), then this newly born animal should also be slaughtered.   

- When the animal convulses, one gets the impression that it is undergoing pain and suffering. However, this is not the case. In the Islamic manner of slaughtering, the spinal cord is not severed since the nervous connection between the brain and the body is maintained so that all the blood is squeezed out of the body. When convulsion takes place, the wringing actions of the muscles of the body on the blood vessels help to get rid of the maximum amount of blood from the meat tissue. In fact, the occurrence of convulsions confirm that the animal is unconscious. 
Thus, the animal also does not experience any pain.    

- In view of the above considerations, attempts to discredit the Islamic method of slaughter are ill-conceived. Based on scientific evidence, it should not be too difficult for individuals and groups to give up their attempts to interfere with religious beliefs and religious laws in general. The Islamic method of slaughter has stood the test of time and of scientific enquiry and remains by far the best, the most efficient and the safest.
- Those who are ignorant about the proper Islamic method that is carried out in the slaughtering of animals do not hesitate in criticising Muslims and in regarding this Islamic method of slaughter as primitive, barbaric and a cruelty to animals.    

- The aim of presenting this article is to inform the public that the Islamic method of slaughtering an animal is most humane, painless and better than the current methods of mechanical and electrical stunning of animals that are normally done in abattoirs.    

- In order for large meat industries and commercial establishments to provide a much higher production, they all favour the method of mechanical and electrical stunning. They regard all other methods of slaughter as cruel and even manage to get the support of Animal Rights groups to oppose the Islamic method of slaughter.  
Technically; Muslims are allowed to eat the food of the ‘people of the book’, but not the infidels. Quran calls Jews and Christians as ‘the people of the book’. Muslims also take the name of God while cutting the animal, which in fact they do before everything from drinking water, to bungee jumping. This is the reason why ‘Kosher’ meat is allowed to Muslims, as the Jews also follow pretty much the same protocol. The Orthodox Christians also take the name of God while cutting the animal, but they usually don’t follow the specific method of cutting the animal, explained in Islam. Here one thing should be kept in mind that, out of the popular meat sources like; sheep, goat, lamb, cow, buffalo, camel, turkey and chicken etc., the Pig meat (pork) is not allowed to Muslims. It is interesting that even the Jews don't eat pork and the Kosher laws are very much similar to the Halal Laws in Islam. (450 diseases due to pork consumption )

Slaughter means Dhabiha in Arabic which is halal.

Jews and Christians are ordered in the bible to Slaughter only and blood is strictly forbidden!!! see below:

Deut12:21"If the place which the LORD your God chooses to put His name is too far from you, then you may slaughter of your herd and flock which the LORD has given you, as I have commanded you; and you may eat within your gates whatever you desire. 22Even as the roebuck and the hart is eaten, so thou shalt eat them: the unclean and the clean shall eat of them alike. 23Only be sure that thou eat not the blood: for the blood is the life; and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh. 24Thou shalt not eat it; thou shalt pour it upon the earth as water. 25Thou shalt not eat it; that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee, when thou shalt do that which is right in the sight of the LORD.                                                                                       
Deut 12:15 Nevertheless, you may slaughter your animals in any of your towns and eat as much of the meat as you want, as if it were gazelle or deer, according to the blessing the LORD your God gives you. Both the ceremonially unclean and the clean may eat it.

Apart from above fish is halal anyway whether slaughter or not.
Why fish is halal without slaughter from scientific point of view?
The moment fish is taken out of water it's blood circulation changes direction to it's epiglote in fish's mouth and epiglote fills with blood and the fish meat is clear from all blood. At the time of cutting fish epiglote is just taken out from the fish as waste.
After World War II, most Governments in Europe decided to ban the ancient religious method of animal slaughter and replaced it with captive bolt stunning, which they thought was more scientific and humane to animals. But religious sectors of both Jews and Muslims continued their struggle to make it legal again. It took decades before techniques to monitor the pain during slaughter, were developed to finally prove it either way. The findings of such experiments surprisingly came out to be exactly opposite, to what was widely believed at that time. Following researches clearly show that the Source which created the Abrahimic religions, was more knowledgeable than the Scientists or animal welfare societies (opposed to religious slaughter).
In 1978, a study incorporating EEG (electroencephalograph) with electrodes surgically implanted on the skull of 17 sheep and 15 calves, and conducted byWilhelm Schulze et al. at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Germany concluded that "the slaughter in the form of a ritual cut is, if carried out properly, painless in sheep and calves according to EEG recordings and the missing defensive actions" (of the animals) and that "For sheep, there were in part severe reactions both in bloodletting cut and the pain stimuli" when captive bolt stunning(CBS) was used. This study is cited by the German Constitutional Court in its permitting of 'Dhabiha slaughtering'.
Similarly; in April 2008,the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing has published ASIDCOM’s Bibliographical Report on Religious Slaughter and the Welfare of Animals, as a contribution within the framework of a meeting on animals and society organized in 2008. This report quotes scientific papers and French veterinary PhD which support the equality or even possible superiority of religious slaughter to other methods of slaughter.
This report quotes in particular the Ph.D work of Dr Pouillaude which concludes by:"religious slaughter would thus be a less stressing mode of slaughter. Conclusions of all the scientific experiments converge towards a firmly supported certainty: properly carried out, religious slaughter is the most humane way because it leads to less trauma to animals to be killed to be consumed for its meat".----
Dhabiha meat is always of light color due to the fact that it allows the animal to drain out most part of blood, even from the very tiny veins present inside the meat-- contributing to the red pigmentation. That makes Dhabiha meat, even less injurious to health, then the meat of same animal cut bycaptive bolt stunning (CBS) which includes; Electrical stunning, Gas stunning and Percussive stunning-- widely used today.

So Only eat the Halal food if you are men of understanding and care for your personal and your loved ones health.

Today's Meat Preservation methods by Multinational Supermarkets & cause of Cancer
Most multinational companies label the meat as halal but actually it isn't this is the reason why I never buy meat from multinational supermarkets both canned and open. The meat they are importing FROM Australia is labelled halal but actually it isn't halal. So mostly muslims buy from local muslim butcher shops where these butchers themselves slaughter the animal or import meat from Islamic countries. These big multinational FMCG's Supermarkets buy from companies that use sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite to meat as a preservative which is a component found in fertilizer and is also used to make smoke bombs and rocket propeller. Sodium nitrite interact with the mayoglobin in the meat which is an iron and oxygen binding in the muscle tissue. Mayoglobin gives the muscle the strength to hold oxygen. Generally Beef is dark because it has more mayoglobin. If you buy meat from a local butcher and puts it in freezer after few days it gets brown but the meat from a supermarket is in freezer for weeks is bright red because of sodium nitrite they put in but infact it is very old and is supposed to be very brown actually. and then we hear discussion meat causing cancer. So its all sodium nitrite which is its cause. Both Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are converted into nitrosemene which are known to cause cellular degenration and cause DNA damage. Also they feed cattle with astorgen so the cows gain weight and their meet is tender and soft. Astrogen cant be destroyed by boiling, frying and cooking etc.. even if you drink milk or yougurt or cheese from those cows the cows milk will have astrogen. Its a female harmone which males will not want in their bodies ofcourse. 

For more precise & Comprehensive information Watch below: 

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