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Prophet Lot's people destroyed due to Homosexuality (Gays & Lesbians)


This article covers the following topics:

1) Prophet Lot (PBUH) and his life mentioned in the last testament Quran and the Bible 
2) Prophet Lot's (PBUH) repeated warnings to his misguided nation 
3) Prophet Lot being informed by Angels about the coming destruction of his nation
4) Historical destruction of that nation of Prophet Lot (PBUH) of which site can be visited
5) Location at dead sea/lake of Lut (Obvious signs mentioned in the Quran)
6) Fate of another nation POMPEII Completely destroyed because of same behaviour/environment who committed adultary practicing homosexuality - Completely destroyed. Now open for visit in Pompeii ( with pictures)
7) Scientific signs in the story of Lot (PBUH)
         a) Psychobiological disorders is an effect of homosexuality
         b) Aids/HIV and Gay bowel syndrome found in Homosexual people
         c) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome found in homosexual people
     d) Research analysis on i). Anatomical differences ii) Genetic investigations (Twin studies & Born Gay gene Hoax) iii) Biological causes
8) Homosexuality - Cost to Society and trend analysis
                                       -Scientific perspective
                                        -Pscycological perspective (Brain/Hormonal)
                                       -Religious perspectiv
                                       -Social Consequences
9) LGBTI  (LGB's Vs. TI's)

1) Prophet Lot (PBUH) and his life mentioned in the last testament Quran

We gave right judgment and knowledge to Lot, and rescued him from the city that committed disgusting acts, They were evil people who were deviators. We admitted him into Our mercy. He was one of the believers. (Surat al-Anbiya', 74-75)

The Prophet Lot's (pbuh) Life -     Allah informs us that a number of prophets lived during the same period. For example, the Prophet Aaron (pbuh) supported his brother, the Prophet Moses (pbuh), in his struggle with Pharaoh and in relaying the Divine message to the Children of Israel. The Prophet Jacob (pbuh) and the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) also were honored by Allah with prophethood during the same period.
The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the Prophet Lot (pbuh) lived in the same region. Although they lived among different people, they still supported one another. Our Lord reveals that:

He [Abraham] said: "You have adopted idols apart from Allah as tokens of mutual affection in this world. But then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will reject one another and curse one another. The Fire will be your shelter. You will have no helpers." And Lot had believed in him. He said: "I will emigrate to [the service of] my Lord. He is the Almighty, the All Wise." Surat al-Ankabut, 25-26)

Immigration (hijra) means to submit to Allah willingly, knowing that He is your only friend and guardian, and taking refuge in His protection. The Prophet Lot (pbuh) migrated to our Lord by moving away from his unbelieving tribe. Like all of the prophets, he was a chosen individual who left an example for all people of sincerity and submission to Allah. The Prophet Lot (pbuh) and the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) were sent to different tribes. Allah reveals in the Qur'an that the society to which the Prophet Lot (pbuh) relayed the Divine message was steeped in homosexuality, a practice cursed by Allah.

2) The Prophet Lot's (pbuh) warning to his Misguided People

In the Qur'an, Allah states "So set your face firmly toward the Religion, as a pure natural believer, Allah's natural pattern on which He made humanity" (Surat ar-Rum, 30) and that He has created human beings with a specific disposition. Satan, on the other hand, asserts "… I will command them, and they will change Allah's Creation…" (Surat an-Nisa', 119). He seeks to turn people away from that disposition and to lead them into various prohibited practices.
One of the prohibited practices to which satan incites human beings is homosexuality. Indeed, Allah describes the situation of those who follow satan's urgings and live an immoral lifestyle: "If they see every Sign, they will not believe in it. If they see the way of right guidance, they will not take it as a way. But if they see the way of error, they will take that as a way" (Surat al-A'raf, 146). As Allah states "Allah desires to turn toward you, but those who pursue their lower appetites desire to make you deviate completely" (Surat an-Nisa', 27), these people wish to draw everyone away from the true path. Allah states in the Qur'an the reward that such people will receive:

An evil generation succeeded those who neglected the prayer and followed their appetites. They will plunge into the Valley of Evil. (Surah Maryam, 59)

This prohibited practice has appeared in many societies throughout history. In the Qur'an, Allah specifically tells the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) tribe, who was well known for this custom. The Prophet Lot (pbuh), an esteemed prophet who believed fully in our Lord and possessed the proper moral values and resignation to Allah, called on his tribe to fear (and respect) Allah, abandon their homosexuality, and live a life that would please Him. But they responded to his words with hostility. Due to their monstrous temerity and immorality, they fully merited our Lord's chastisement. As Allah tells us, they met the following fate:

And Lot, when he said to his tribe: "Do you commit an obscenity not perpetrated before you by anyone in all the worlds? You come with lust to men instead of women. You are indeed a depraved tribe." The only answer of his tribe was to say: "Expel them from your city! They are people who keep themselves pure!" So We rescued him and his family—except for his wife. She was one of those who stayed behind. We rained down a rain upon them. See the final fate of the evildoers! (Surat al-A'raf, 80-84)

These people, who refused to abandon their sin despite being warned, threatened the Prophet Lot (pbuh) and the believers with exile. Saying "They are people who keep themselves pure!" (Surat al-A'raf, 82), they imagined that they were mocking the believers. Despite their sinful lifestyle and excesses, however, the Prophet Lot (pbuh) continued to relay His message in order to earn Allah's good pleasure.
Prophet Lot (pbuh), who was a patient, determined, and courageous servant, manifested his joyous faith in and respect for Allah. His tribe's mockery and attacks only reinforced his enthusiasm and determination. Like all of the other prophets, he continued to command what is good and forbid what is evil, thus scrupulously fulfilling the duty Allah has entrusted him with. In the Qur'an, Allah reveals the following:

O Prophet. We have sent you as a witness, a bringer of good news and a warner, a caller to Allah by His permission and a light-giving lamp. Give good news to the believers that they will receive immense favor from Allah. Do not obey the unbelievers and hypocrites, and disregard their abuse of you. Put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Protector. (Surat al-Ahzab, 45-48)
Then We sent Our messengers, one after another, at intervals. Each time its messenger came to a community, they called him a liar. So, We made them follow one another too and turned them into myths and legends. Away with the people who do not believe! (Surat al-Hajj, 44)

Believers must take the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) superior moral values as models for themselves, always behave patiently when presenting His message, and explain religion's moral values to people in the most appropriate and effective way.

Story of Prophet Lot is also mentioned in the Bible Genesis 19:1-29 but has been corrupted by the pen of different writers Genesis 19 contains slanderous allegations of incest against a very noble innocent Prophet of God Allmighty which itself shows that Bible is corrupted. 
 Leviticus 20:13 says that gays should be put to death -

          1 Kings 15:12He also beheaded* the male cult prostitutes from the land and removed all the idols which his fathers had made."
(Note the hebrew word * סוּר the meaning which is purely consistent with the God's law is beheaded which is the correct translation in context. Refer the Strong lexicon here ) God's law didnt change and correct translation of the word should be put in context i.e. beheaded the gays. 

1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Leviticus 20:13
If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

1 Timothy 1:10
The sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine.

Romans 1:26-28
For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.

Leviticus 18:22
You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

1 Corinthians 7:2
But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.

Romans 1:32
Though they know God's decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

Jude 1:7
Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

Mark 10:6-9
But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Genesis 19:1-38
The two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed himself with his face to the earth and said, “My lords, please turn aside to your servant's house and spend the night and wash your feet. Then you may rise up early and go on your way.” They said, “No; we will spend the night in the town square.” But he pressed them strongly; so they turned aside to him and entered his house. And he made them a feast and baked unleavened bread, and they ate. But before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house. And they called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, that we may know them.” ...

Judges 19:22
As they were making their hearts merry, behold, the men of the city, worthless fellows, surrounded the house, beating on the door. And they said to the old man, the master of the house, “Bring out the man who came into your house, that we may know him.”

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) counted the following: The active and the passive partners in homosexuality; the one who has sex with animals; the one who is married to a woman and her daughter at the same time; and the one who masturbates regularly, unless they repent and reform.

The following are also listed among the abominations of Lut's people: playing backgammon; racing pigeons; holding fights between dogs, rams or roosters; entering bathhouses naked; and cheating with weights and measures.

Ibn Abbas said: "If a homosexual dies without repentance, he is changed into a pig in his grave." (Ibn Al-Jawzi)

The Prophet (Pbuh) said: "Allah will not look at a man who has intercourse with a man or a woman in the anus."

The Punishment inflicted on one who willingly makes himself a passive partner in homosexuality Khalid bin Walid once wrote to Abu Bakr that in a certain place there was a man who invited other men to have sex with him.
Abu Bakr then consulted with the companions of the Prophet (Pbuh) about this. Ali ibn Abi Talib said: "This is that sin which none but the people of Lut have done, and Allah has informed us about how He punished them. In my opinion, he should be killed." So Abu Bakr wrote to Khalid, and Khalid killed him.

It is reported that on one of his journeys Hazrat Isa (Jesus) saw a man being burned by fire. He took some water to throw at him, but all of a sudden the fire turned into a boy and the man turned into a fire. Isa was surprised by this and said: "Lord, return them in the condition they were in this world so that I may ask them about their situation." Thereupon Allah revived them and they were a boy and a man. Isa asked them: "What is the situation with you?"
The man replied: "Spirit from Allah, while I was alive. I was passionately in love with this boy and used to have sex with him. When I died and the boy died, he became fire, which burns me. Then I take turn, and become fire and burn him. Thus, we alternate, and this is our punishment until the Day of Resurrection. 

Christians who devotedly follow the bible and keep the commandments have a duty to kill the gays/homosexuals as commanded in the bible wherever they find them. As you read above that the same ruling applies to muslims around the world to punish the gays. God's law is consistent and didn't change and will not change till the day of judgement and gays should be found and killed by both Christians and Muslims together.

The Prophet Lot (pbuh) Warns His Tribe

The people of Lot denied the messengers, when their brother Lot said to them: "Will you not guard against evil? I am a faithful Messenger to you. So fear [and respect] Allah and obey me." (Surat ash-Shu'ara, 160-163)

The Prophet Lot (pbuh) wished that his tribe would abandon their indecent acts and join him in worshipping Allah. Immediately after relaying the Divine message, he made it clear that he expected nothing from them but their willingness to gain Allah's good pleasure:

"I do not ask you for any wage for it. My wage is the responsibility of no one but the Lord of all the worlds." (Surat ash-Shu'ra, 164)

He then described his tribe's gross immorality:

"Of all beings, do you lie with males, leaving the wives Allah has created for you? You are a people who have overstepped the limits." They said: "Lot, if you do not desist, you will be expelled." He said: "I am someone who detests the deed you perpetrate." (Surat ash-Shu'ra, 165-168)

Just like some people today, his tribe sought to portray the sin of homosexuality as acceptable and justified. In fact, such an attitude is one of the causes for the present moral degeneration all over the world. Muslims, however, live according to Allah's decrees and thus must adopt the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) attitude toward this sin.
Allah reveals in the Qur'an that these unbelieving and immoral people, who responded to the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) warnings with threats and attacks, felt secure due to their large numbers. People who live far removed from religion often have this erroneous perspective.  However, our Lord reveals that believers have always formed a small minority of people. As for the number of believers among the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) tribe, Allah says: "But [We] found in it only one house of Muslims" (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 36). However, Allah's support and help are always with believers, for our Lord promises that those who believe with a sincere heart, seek only His good pleasure, strive for the Hereafter, and spread religion's moral values will always be victorious. As Allah states:

Allah has promised those of you who believe and do right actions that He will make them successors in the land, just as He made those before them successors; will firmly establish for them their religion with which He is pleased; and give them, in place of their fear, security. "They worship Me, not associating anything with Me." Any who do not believe after that, such people are deviators. (Surat an-Nur, 55)

Our Lord has always implemented this Divine law, and small numbers of believers have always achieved enormous success against their far more numerous peoples. Allah gives the faithful the following glad tidings:

... How many a small force has triumphed over a much greater one, by Allah's permission! Allah is with the steadfast. (Surat al-Baqara, 249)

3 The Angels who came to Prophet Lot (PBUH)

The angels who came to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) gave him the glad news of a righteous child and told him something about the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) people:

When Our angels came with the good news to Abraham, they said: "We are going to destroy the people of this city. Truly its inhabitants are wrongdoers." (Surat al-Ankabut, 31)

Allah describes this visit in the following terms:

When Our angles came to Lot, he was distressed for them, very concerned for them, and said: "This is a dreadful day." (Surah Hud, 77)

When his people learned that messengers had come to the Prophet Lot (pbuh), they came running towards him and, as revealed in the Qur'an:

They even wanted to seduce his guests!... (Surat al-Qamar, 37)

The Prophet Lot (pbuh) warned his tribe in these terms:

His tribe came running to him excitedly—they were long used to committing evil acts. He said: "My people, here are my daughters. They are purer for you. So fear Allah and do not shame me with my guests. Is there not one rightly-guided man among you?" They said: "You know we have no claim on your daughters. You know very well what we want." (Surah Hud, 78-79)

The Prophet Lot's (pbuh) reference to his daughters informed in the verse may mean his own daughters or else the tribe's young women. (Allah knows the truth.) In other words, he was saying that his tribe to marry those women, as this is the type of relationship of which Allah approves. The expression "is there not one rightly-guided man among you?" shows that his entire tribe was caught up in this sinful behavior and excess. As an honorable and moral man chosen by Allah, the Prophet Lot (pbuh) wished to depart from his immoral people:

He said: "If only I had the strength to combat you or could take refuge in some powerful support!" (Surah Hud, 80)

However, our Lord used these angels to reveal to the Prophet Lot (pbuh) that his tribe would be punished severely for their excesses:

He said: "You are people we do not know." They said: "We have come to you with what they had doubts about. We have brought you the truth, and we are certainly truthful men. Travel with your family in the dead of night, following behind with them in front of you. None of you must look back. Go to where you are ordered." We revealed to him the command We had decreed: that on the following morning the last remnant of those people would be cut off. (Surat al-Hijr, 62-66)

They said: "Lot, we are messengers from your Lord. They will not be able to get at you. Set out with your family—except for your wife—in the middle of the night, and none of you should look back. What strikes them will strike her as well. Their promised appointment is the morning. Is the morning not close at hand?" (Surah Hud, 81)

Allah reveals that the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) wife would be destroyed, despite her position as a prophet's wife. Although Allah had honored and elevated her husband with prophethood, this blessing and honor gained her nothing because of her insincerity and denial.
Her death shows that such connections as being related to or descended from the prophets of Allah will be of no benefit in the Hereafter. Only one's deep faith, submission and obedience, and strong fear and respect of Allah will be of any benefit. If one's heart contains no sincere faith, one will find no salvation, regardless of his or her physical or familial closeness to Allah's prophets. Indeed, such proximity may well increase one's responsibility in Allah's Sight, for Allah reveals:

O wives of the Prophet. If any of you commits an obvious act of indecency, she will receive double the punishment. That is an easy matter for Allah. But those of you who are obedient to Allah and His Messenger and act rightly will be given their reward twice over; and We have prepared a generous provision for them. O wives of the Prophet. You are not like other women, provided you guard against evil. Do not be too soft-spoken in your speech, lest someone with sickness in his heart becomes desirous. Speak correct and courteous words. Remain in your houses and do not display your beauty, as it was previously displayed in the Time of Ignorance. Perform [the prescribed] prayers and give alms, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah desires to remove all impurity from you, O People of the House, and to purify you completely. (Surat al-Ahzab, 30-33)

Our Lord cites the wives of the Prophet Lot (pbuh) and the Prophet Noah (pbuh) to serve as a deterrent in this matter. Allah  also refers to Pharaoh's wife, who is a fine model of sincerity, fear and respect of Allah, and heartfelt prayer:

Allah has made an example for those who do not believe: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were married to two of Our servants who were righteous, but they betrayed them and were not helped at all against Allah. They were told: "Enter the Fire along with all who enter it." Allah has made an example for those who believe: the wife of Pharaoh when she said: "My Lord, build a house in the Garden for me in Your Presence, rescue me from Pharaoh and his deeds, and rescue me from this wrongdoing people." (Surat at-Tahrim, 10-11)

4) Historical destruction of that nation of Prophet Lot (PBUH) of which site can be visited

The Destruction Is Sent
Prophet Lot (pbuh) first informed the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) of the news he had received from the angels:
He [Abraham] inquired: "What, then, is your business, messengers?" They said: "We have been sent to a people of evildoers to unleash upon them lumps of clay earmarked by your Lord for the profligate." We brought out all the believers who were there, but found in it only one house of Muslims. (Surat adh-Dhariyat,31-36)
After they had fulfilled their mission to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the angels visited the Prophet Lot (pbuh) and told him that his tribe would be destroyed. A Muslim society, however, will be protected from such destruction. According to the Qur'an:

They even wanted to seduce his guests! So We put out their eyes: "Taste My punishment and warnings!" (Surat al-Qamar, 37)
When Our command came, We turned their cities upside down and rained down on them stones of hard baked clay, piled on top of one another in layers, each one earmarked by your Lord. And they are never far from the wrongdoers. (Surah Hud, 82-83)

Perhaps turning upside down signifies the region's destruction by a powerful earthquake. The expression rained down on them stones of hard baked clay may indicate a volcanic eruption and the hard baked lava and stones thrown up by it. The same event is described elsewhere: "and made a rain come pouring down upon them. How evil is the rain of those who are warned!" (Surat ash-Shu'ara, 173). In other words, the tribe may have been destroyed by an earthquake followed by a volcanic eruption. (Allah knows the truth.)
Historians opine that the site of this great disaster is the shore of the Dead Sea, also known as Lake Lut. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, located alongside the Dead Sea, between the West Bank and Jordan, are regarded as the cities of the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) mainly homosexual people. Archaeological research shows that these cities collapsed after a powerful earthquake. According to researchers, one area, shallower than the rest of the Dead Sea, houses the remains of these people, who entered the deep parts of the sea. (For further details, see Harun Yahya, The Perished Nations [Istanbul: 2002]).

The people of Lut rejected (his) warning. We sent against them a violent Tornado with showers of stones, (which destroyed them), except Lut's household: them We delivered by early Dawn,-  As a Grace from Us: thus do We reward those who give thanks. And (Lut) did warn them of Our Punishment, but they disputed about the Warning. 
(Surat al-Qamar:, 33-36)

Lut lived at the same time as Ibrahim. The Old Testament says that Lut was Ibrahim's nephew and that they travelled some distance together in Ibrahim's long journeys. 

Lut was sent as a messenger to one of Ibrahim's neighbouring communities. These people, as the Qur’an tells us, practiced a perversion unknown to the world up to then, namely sodomy. When Lut told them to give up this perversion and brought them Allah's warning, they denied him, refused his prophethood, and carried on with their perversion. In the end, these people were destroyed by a dreadful disaster.

The city where Lut resided is referred to as Sodom in the Old Testament being situated at the north of the Red Sea, this community is understood to have been destroyed just as it is written in the Qur’an but specific location is not mentioned in the Quran.

Archaeological studies reveal that the city is located in the area of the Dead Sea which stretches along the Israel-Jordan border. 
Before examining the remains of this disaster, let’s see why the people of Lut were punished in this fashion. The Qur’an tells how Lut warned his people and what they said in reply; 
The people of Lut rejected the messengers. Behold, their brother Lut said to them: “Will ye not fear (Allah)? I am to you a messenger worthy of all trust. So fear Allah and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it: my reward is only from the lord of the Worlds. Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!” 
They said: “If thou desist not, O Lut! thou wilt assuredly be cast out!” 
He said: “I do detest your doings.” (Surat ash-Shuara: 160-168)
Lut called his people to an obvious truth and warned them explicitly, but his people did not heed any warnings whatsoever and continued to reject Lut and to deny the penalty of which he told them. 
And (remember) Lut: behold, he said to his people: “Ye do commit lewdness, such as no people in Creation (ever) committed before you. Do ye indeed approach men, and cut off the highway?- and practise wickedness (even) in your councils?” But his people gave no answer but this: they said: “Bring us the Wrath of Allah if thou tellest the truth.” (Surat al-Ankaboot: 28-29)
Receiving the above answer from his people, Lut asked for the help of Allah, 
He said: “O my Lord! help Thou me against people who do mischief!” (Surat al-Ankaboot: 30)
“O my Lord! deliver me and my family from such things as they do!” (Surat ash-Shuara: 169)
Upon Lut’s prayer, Allah sent two angels in the form of men. These angels visited Ibrahim before coming to Lut. Giving Ibrahim the good news that his wife would give birth to an infant, the messengers explained the reason of their being sent: the insolent people of Lut were to be destroyed. 
(Ibrahim) said: “And what, O ye Messengers, is your errand (now)?” They said, “We have been sent to a people (deep) in sin; To bring on, on them, (a shower of) stones of clay (brimstone), Marked as from thy Lord for those who trespass beyond bounds.” (Surat adh-Dhariyat: 31-34)
Excepting the adherents of Lut: them we are certainly (charged) to save (from harm),- All - Except his wife, who, We have ascertained, will be among those who will lag behind. (Surat al-Hijr: 59-60)
After leaving Ibrahim’s company, the angels, who were sent as messengers, came to Lut. Not having met the messengers before, Lut first became anxious, but then calmed down after talking  to them; 
When Our messengers came to Lut, he was grieved on their account and felt himself powerless (to protect) them. He said: “This is a distressful day.” (Surah Hud: 77)

He said: “Ye appear to be uncommon folk.” They said: “Yea, we have come to thee to accomplish that of which they doubt. We have brought to thee that which is inevitably due, and assuredly we tell the truth. Then travel by night with thy household, when a portion of the night (yet remains), and do thou bring up the rear: let no one amongst you look back, but pass on whither ye are ordered.” And We made known this decree to him, that the last remnants of those (sinners) should be cut off by the morning. (Surat al-Hijr: 62-66)
Meanwhile, his people had learned that Lut had visitors. They did not hesitate to approach these visitors perversely as they had approached others before. They encircled the house. Being afraid for his visitors, Lut addressed his people as follows; 

Lut said: “These are my guests: disgrace me not: But fear Allah, and shame me not.” (Surat al-Hijr: 68-69)
The people of Lut retorted;

They said: “Did we not forbid thee (to speak) for all and sundry?” (Surat al-Hijr: 70)
Thinking that he and his visitors subjected to evil treatment, Lut said: 

“Would that I had power to suppress you or that I could betake myself to some powerful support.”(Surah Hud: 80)
His “visitors” reminded him that they were the messengers of Allah and said; 
(The Messengers) said: “O Lut! We are Messengers from thy Lord! By no means shall they reach thee! now travel with thy family while yet a part of the night remains, and let not any of you look back: but thy wife (will remain behind): To her will happen what happens to the people. Morning is their time appointed: Is not the morning nigh?” (Surah Hud: 81)

When the perversity of the city people reached its fullest extent, Allah saved Lut by means of the angels. In the morning, his people were destroyed by the disaster of which Lut had informed them in advance. 
And they even sought to snatch away his guests from him, but We blinded their eyes. (They heard:) “Now taste ye My Wrath and My Warning.” Early on the morrow an abiding Punishment seized them: (Surat al-Qamar: 37-38)

The verses describe the destruction of this people as follows; 
But the (mighty) Blast overtook them before morning, And We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay. Behold! in this are Signs for those who by tokens do understand. And the (cities were) right on the high-road. (Surat al-Hijr: 73-76)

When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer,-Marked as from thy Lord: Nor are they ever far from those who do wrong! (Surah Hud: 82-83)
But the rest We destroyed utterly. We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)! : Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. (Surat ash-Shuara: 172-175)

When the people were destroyed, only Lut and the believers, who were only as many as one “household”, were saved. Lut’s wife did not believe either and she was also destroyed. 
We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? 
For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”
And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!”
But we saved him and his family, except his wife: she was of those who legged behind.
And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime! (Surat al-Araf: 80-84)
Thus, Prophet Lut was saved along with the believers and his family with the exception of his wife. As described in the Old Testament, he emigrated with Ibrahim. As for the perverted people, they were destroyed and their dwellings were razed to the ground. 

The 82nd  verse of Surah Hud, clearly states the kind of the disaster that befell the people of Lut. “When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer
The statement of “turning (the cities) upside down” implies that the region was totally destroyed by a violent earthquake. Accordingly, The Lake of Lut, where the destruction took place, bears “obvious” evidence of such a disaster. 
We quote German archaeologist Werner Keller as follows; 
Together with the base of this mighty fissure, which runs precisely through this area, the Vale of Siddim, including Sodom and Gomorrah, plunged one day into the abyss. Their destruction came about through a great earthquake which was probably accompanied by explosions, lightning, issue of natural gas and general conflagration. (1)
As a matter of fact, the Lake of Lut, or the Dead Sea as it is otherwise known, is located right on the top of an active seismic region, that is, an earthquake zone: 
The base of the dead sea is located with a tectonic rooted downfall. This valley is located in a tension stretching between the Taberiye Lake in the north, and mid of Arabah Valley in the south.(2)
The event was expressed as “we rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer” in the last part of the verse. This is in all probability meant to be the volcanic explosion that took place on the banks of the Lake of Lut, and because of which the rocks and stones that erupted were in a “baked form”. (The same event is related in the 173rd verse of Surat ash-Shuara as “We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)!”)
In relation to this subject, Werner Keller writes; 

The subsidence released volcanic forces that had been lying dormant deep down along the whole length of the fracture. In the upper valley of the Jordan near Bashan there are still towering craters of extinct volcanoes; great stretches of lava and deep layers of basalt have been deposited on the limestone surface.(3)
A satellite photograph of the region where the people of Lut lived.

These lava and basalt layers constitute the greatest evidence that a volcanic explosion and earthquake had once taken place here. The catastrophe depicted in the following expression as “we rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer” in the Qur’an most probably points to this volcanic explosion, and Allah knows best. The expression “When Our Decree issued, We turned (the cities) upside down” which occurs in the same verse, must be referring to the earthquake which caused volcanoes to erupt over the surface of the earth with devastating impact, and to the fissures and debris brought by it, and only Allah knows the truth of it. 
The “obvious signs” conveyed by the Lake of Lut are indeed very interesting. In general, the events which are related in the Qur’an take place in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt. Right in the middle of these lands, is the Lake of Lut. The Lake of Lut, as well as the incidents that have taken place around it, deserves attention geologically. The Lake is approximately 400 meters below the surface of the Mediterranean. Since the deepest place in the Lake is 400 meters, the bottom of the Lake is 800 meters below the surface of the Mediterranean. 

The Lake of Lut, or Dead Sea as differently called.
This is the lowest point on the earth. In other areas which are lower than sea level, the depth is at most 100 meters. Another property of the Lake of Lut is that the salt content of its water is very high, the density being nearly 30 %. Because of this, no living organism, such as fish or moss, can survive in this lake. This is why the Lake of Lut is called the “Dead Sea” in Western  literature. 

The incident of Lut’s people, which is recounted in the Qur’an, occurred around 1800 B.C. according to estimates. Based on his archaeological and geological researches, the German researcher Werner Keller noted that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were in fact located in the Siddim Valley which was the region at the furthers and lowest end of the Lake of Lut, and that there were once big and widely inhabited sites in those regions. 
The most interesting structural characteristic of the Lake of Lut is an evidence showing how the disaster incidence recounted in the Qur’an took place; 
On the eastern shore of the Dead Sea the peninsula of el-Lisan protrudes like a tongue far into the water. El-Lisan means “the tongue” in Arabic. Unseen from the land the ground falls away here under the surface of the water at a prodigious angle, dividing the sea into two parts. To the right of the peninsula the ground slopes sharply down to a depth of 1200 feet. On the left of the peninsula the water remains remarkably shallow. Soundings taken in the last few years established depths of only fifty to sixty feet. That extraordinary shallow part of the Dead Sea, from the peninsula el-Lisan to the southernmost tip, was the Vale of Siddim. (4)
Photographs of the Lake of Lut taken from satellite.

 Werner Keller noted that this shallow part, which was discovered to have formed subsequently, was the outcome of the aforementioned earthquake and the massive collapse this earthquake had caused. This was the place where Sodom and Gomorrah were situated, that is, where Lut’s people lived.
Once, it was possible to cross this region by walking. However, now, the Vale of Siddim, where Sodom and Gomorrah were once situated, is covered by the flat surface of the lower part of the Dead Sea. The collapse of the base as a result of the dreadful catastrophe that came to pass in the beginning of the 2nd. millennium B.C., caused salt water from the north to flow into this recently formed cavity and filled the basin with salty water. 
The traces of the Lake of Lut are visible… When one takes a rowing boat across the Lake of Lut to the southernmost point, if the sun is shining in the right direction, one sees something quite fantastic. Some distance from the shore and clearly visible under the surface of the water, there are the outlines of the forests which the extraordinarily high salt content of the Dead Sea preserved.
An illustration showing the volcanic eruption and the collapse that followed it, which caused the whole people to disappear.

The trunks and roots in the shimmering green water are very ancient. The Siddim valley, where these trees were once in blossom green foliage covered their twigs and branches, was one of the most beautiful locations in the region.
The mechanical aspect of the disaster that befell people of Lut is revealed by the researches of the geologists. These reveal that the earthquake which destroyed  the people of Lut, came about in consequence of quite a long crack in the earth (a fault line), along the 190 kilometres distance making up the bed of the River Sheri’at. River Sheri’at makes a fall of 180 meters in total. Both this and the fact that the Lake of Lut is 400 metres below sea level are two important pieces of evidence showing that an enormous geological event has taken place here. 
The interesting structure of River of Sheri’at and the Lake of Lut make up only a small part of the crack or split passing from this region of the earth. The condition and length of this crack have only recently been discovered.  
The fault starts from the outskirts of Mount Taurus, stretches to the southern shores of the Lake of Lut and proceeds over the Arabian desert to the Gulf of Aqaba and continues across the Red Sea, ending up in Africa. Along the length of it, strong volcanic activities are observed. Black basalt and lava exist in the Galilee Mountains in Israel, high plain regions of Jordan, the Gulf of Aqaba and other areas nearby. 
All these remains and geographical evidences show that a catastrophic geological event took place in the Lake of Lut. Werner Keller writes, 
Together with the base of this mighty fissure, which runs precisely through this area, the Vale of Siddim, including Sodom and Gomorrah, plunged one day into the abyss. Their destruction came about through a great earthquake which was probably accompanied by explosions, lightning, issue of natural gas and general conflagration. The subsidence released volcanic forces that had been lying dormant deep down along the whole length of the fracture. In the upper valley of the Jordan near Bashan there are still towering craters of extinct volcanoes; great stretches of lava and deep layers of basalt have been deposited on the limestone surface. (5)
Overhead view of the mountains around the Lake of Lut. 

National Geographic makes the following comment on December 1957; 
    The mount of Sodom, a barren wasteland, rises sharply above the dead sea. No one has ever found the destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but scholars believe that they stood in the Vale of Siddim across from these cliffs. Possibly flood waters of the Dead Sea engulfed them following an earthquake. (6) 
In more than one place in His majestic book, Allah has related the story of Lut (Lot). Concerning their destruction, he says: Then, when Our command came to pass, We turned their city upside down and rained upon it stones of baked clay, heaped layer upon layer, marked by your Lord. And they (the stones of punishment) are never far from the wrong doers! (Hud 11: 82-83)
The last warning is for the Muslim Ummah: If they indulge in the practice of homosexuality, Allah's punishment is not far off. The Prophet (Pbuh) cursed homosexuals by repeating three times: "Allah has cursed anyone who does what Lut's people did." And he said: "If you find any persons engaged in homosexuality, kill both the active and the passive partner." Ibn Abbas said: "Find the tallest building in the town and throw the homosexual down from its roof, then stone him to death".
This punishment is based on the analogy of Allah's punishment of Lut's people. There is consensus among Muslims that homosexuality is a major sin, which Allah has prohibited in the following verses: Of all creatures in the world, do you approach males and leave those whom Allah created for you as your mates? But, rather, you transgressors! (Al-Sh'ura 26: 165-166)
In another verse, Allah says concerning His prophet, Lut: Truly, they were an evil people, perverted! (Al-Anbiya 21:84)
The name of this town was Sodom, and its men practised sex with men in addition to many other abominations.

Ibn Abbas describes several traits related to what the people of Lut used to do. Some of these are: Not covering the private parts in front of people of the same sex; whistling with the fingers; opening the shirt to show the chest; wearing long pants which drag the floor; and homosexual sex (or lesbianism).

The Prophet (Pbuh) said: "Lesbianism is Zina between women." Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger (Pbuh) said: "Four types of people awake under Allah's anger and go to bed under Allah's displeasure." Those who were listening asked: "Who are they, Messenger of Allah?" He replied: Men who imitate women, women who imitate men, those who have sex with animals, and men who have sex with men."

It is said that when a man mounts a man, the Divine Throne shakes out of the fear of Allah's wrath and the heavens tremble.
Then the angels start reciting, "Say: 'He is Allah, the One; Allah, the self-sufficient. He does not beget nor is He begotten, and there is none like Him" (Ikhlas 112 1-4) until his wrath subsides.

Among those whom Allah will not look at on the Day of Resurrection, and to whom He will say, "Enter the fire along with those who enter," the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) counted the following: The active and the passive partners in homosexuality; the one who has sex with animals; the one who is married to a woman and her daughter at the same time; and the one who masturbates regularly, unless they repent and reform.

The following are also listed among the abominations of Lut's people: playing backgammon; racing pigeons; holding fights between dogs, rams or roosters; entering bathhouses naked; and cheating with weights and measures.

Ibn Abbas said: "If a homosexual dies without repentance, he is changed into a pig in his grave." (Ibn Al-Jawzi)

The Prophet (Pbuh) said: "Allah will not look at a man who has intercourse with a man or a woman in the anus."

The Punishment inflicted on one who willingly makes himself a passive partner in homosexuality Khalid bin Walid once wrote to Abu Bakr that in a certain place there was a man who invited other men to have sex with him.
Abu Bakr then consulted with the companions of the Prophet (Pbuh) about this. Ali ibn Abi Talib said: "This is that sin which none but the people of Lut have done, and Allah has informed us about how He punished them. In my opinion, he should be killed." So Abu Bakr wrote to Khalid, and Khalid killed him.
It is reported that on one of his journeys Hazrat Isa (Jesus) saw a man being burned by fire. He took some water to throw at him, but all of a sudden the fire turned into a boy and the man turned into a fire. Isa was surprised by this and said: "Lord, return them in the condition they were in this world so that I may ask them about their situation." Thereupon Allah revived them and they were a boy and a man. Isa asked them: "What is the situation with you?"
The man replied: "Spirit from Allah, while I was alive. I was passionately in love with this boy and used to have sex with him. When I died and the boy died, he became fire, which burns me. Then I take turn, and become fire and burn him. Thus, we alternate, and this is our punishment until the Day of Resurrection. 

The below paragraphs are from an article, based on a pamphlet that was distributed in Shawwaal 1415 by the General Presidency, Dept. of the Promotion of virtue and the Prevention of vice. Saudi Arabia discusses the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism in Islaam.

//Our beloved Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, 'Certainly the thing I fear most on my ummah is the (wicked) practice of the people of Loot.' (Tirmizi, Ahmad, Ibn Hajr Al-Haysami, Ad-Duri and Al-Aajuri) (Hadeeth Hasan) 

Hadrat Ali bin Abi Taalib (RA) relates, 'Whoever allows himself to be used sexually (by becoming a homosexual or sodomite), Allaah Ta'ala will expel from him the (natural) desire for women.' 
Najeeb As-Sirri (AR) says, 'They (i.e. our pious elders) would even dislike looking at handsome young boys' 

Once Abul Aswad (AR) brought a letter which he showed to one of his students and said, ' I bear witness that this letter was dictated by Ali bin Abi Taalib (RA) to Abul Aswad: When men (i.e. homosexuals) will sexually satisfy themselves with men and women (i.e. lesbians) with women, then earthquakes will occur, faces will become transformed and stones will rain down from the skies.' 

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has also said: "May Allah curse him who does what the people of Loot (alayhis salaam) did." (Ibn Hibbaan) 

He (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has also said, 'Lesbianism by women is adultery between them.' (Tabraani) 

It is a well-known fact that when this wretched disease spread among one nation in the past, Allah Ta'ala caused punishments to rain down from the skies upon them. Allah mentions their story in many places in the Qur'an. At one place, He says, "And (We also sent) Loot (as a Messenger). 'Behold, he said to his people, do you do what is shameful even though you see (that it is wrong)? Would you really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, you are a grossly ignorant people!' 
But his people gave no other answer but this: They said, 'Drive out the followers of Loot from your city. These are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!' 
But We saved him and His family except his wife: We destined her to be of those who lagged behind. And We rained down on them a shower (of stones). And evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but failed to heed)." (Surah an-Naml, 54-58) 

At yet another place, Allah Most High says: Do you approach the males of humanity, leaving the wives Allah has created for you? But you are a people who transgress. (Surah ash-Shu'raa: 165 &166) 
From the first aayah, we learn that these people had themselves admitted that the family of Loot (AS) who had Imaan (belief in Allah) was decent, chaste and morally pure. They also acknowledged that the family of Loot (AS) refrained from this filthy practice. They realised this since it is natural for every person to immediately recognise the pure way of life inspired by Allah Ta'ala when they see it and also to make out any type of unnatural and perverted behaviour. 
In the Tafseer (commentary) of these verses it is mentioned that the people of Loot (AS) were practicing both homosexuality and lesbianism. When Allah decided to punish them, He commanded Jibraeel (AS) to lift the village of Loot (AS) to the extent that the angels of the first heaven (sky) could actually hear the barking of their dogs. Jibraeel then turned them over and dropped them from this tremendous height. Thereafter, Allah Ta'ala caused scorching hot stones to rain down upon them. This is how this nation ended up being an example for the rest of mankind until the Day of Qiyaamah. 
Imaam Al-Aajuri (AR) has said, 'Allah Ta'ala has informed you about the despicable act of homosexuality committed by the people of Loot (AS) and how He punished them by first snatching away their eyesight. Jibraeel (AS) was then instructed to uproot their cities with all the inhabitants until they were high up into the sky and then turn over their cities upon them. Thereafter they were pelted with stones of clay.' Such was their punishment that not a single citizen or traveller could save himself from the stones and from being completely destroyed. 
It is said that they were four million in number. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer p.471 vol. 2) 
Let us reflect! Why did Allah Ta'ala punish them so severely in such a manner that He had never punished any other nation before? Surely their sin must have been really serious for Allah Ta'ala to have punished and destroyed them in this way. Disgrace in this World

The acts of homosexuality and lesbianism are certainly a perversion and a serious deviation from the inherent nature of man. These acts of defiance against human nature are also even viler and uglier than adultery. There is consensus among both Muslims and the followers of other religions that lesbianism and homosexuality are evil and filthy practices. This is why it is not surprising to find that Islam so vehemently prohibits it and adopts such a harsh attitude against it. 
The punishment awaiting such people in the Hereafter has already been explained, but what about their punishment in this world? 
Since such type of behaviour was previously totally unknown to the Arab people, there is no record of any such incident having occurred during the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) or that he was faced with a case of this nature. 

However, it has been confirmed that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, 'Kill the one who sodomizes and the one to who lets it be done to him.'(Tirmizi) 

Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (RA) had passed such a ruling and Hadrat Ali (RA) was very severe in his ruling against such a crime. 

It is established that once Sayyiduna Khaalid bin Waleed (RA) found a man in the frontiers of Arabia marrying another man in the way a woman marries a man, so he wrote about it to Abu Bakr (RA). When Abu Bakr (RA) consulted with the Sahaabah, Ali (RA) who was the severest in his condemnation of it said, 'Only one out of the many nations had indulged in it and you all know how Allah Ta'ala had dealt with them. I feel that he should be destroyed by fire.' So Abu Bakr (RA) wrote back to Sayyiduna Khaalid (RA) who then put the man to death by means of fire. 

Ibn Qassaar and Ibn Taymiyyah (AR) have said: All the Sahaabah (radhiallaahu anhum) were unanimous that he should be killed though some of them differed in the manner in which it should be done. 

Abu Bakr (RA) said that he should be executed by being thrown from a great height. 

Another view of Hadrat Ali (RA) was that a wall should be dropped upon him. 

Hadrat Ibn Abbaas, Ali, Jaabir bin Zaid, Abdullah bin Ma`mar, Imaam Zuhri and Imaam Maalik (radhiallaahu anhum) have said that those who commit the evil deed of the people of Loot (AS) should be stoned to death, whether they be married or unmarried. This is also one of the narrations of Imaams Ahmad, Shaafi`ee and Abu Sawr (AR). 

Hadrat Ibn Abbaas (RA) was once asked about the punishment for the homosexual. He replied, 'He should be taken to the top of the highest building in the town and thrown headlong from there. Then he should be pelted with stones.' 

Jaabir bin Zaid used to say, 'The prohibitive decree of the anus is far more serious than the prohibitive decree of the vagina.' In other words, the prohibition against anal intercourse is far more severe than the prohibition against illegitimate sexual intercourse (with a woman). Its Dangers in this World

The following are some means that will help gays to avoid this act and its punishment: 
Do towbah (i.e. repent sincerely) to Allah and turn to Him. 
Stay away from the company of evil people or friends who glamorize and glorify those deeds and things that are sinful and make them appeal to you. The company that the youth keep plays the greatest role in either reforming or corrupting them. Therefore, choose for yourself the company of righteous people who will be of help and benefit to you in the matters of your Deen (Religion) and your dunya (worldly affairs) 
Turn yourself and your gaze away from all those things that arouse the passions, like looking at and staying in the company of beardless, young lads or even pictures of them of which films, magazines, etc are brimming. 
Make every effort to get married in order to remain pure and chaste and respond to the call of our beloved Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who has said, 'O Assembly of Youth! Those of you who have the means to get married, should do so. And whoever is unable to do so, must keep fast. For this is certainly a protection for him.' (Bukhaari, Muslim) Fast in abundance in order to suppress the carnal desires/passions. Our Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has said,' Certainly shaitaan flows in (the body of) man like the flowing of blood. So, subdue him by keeping fast.' (Sahih Bukhaari: vol.1 p.273 Book of Fasting) 
Spend your spare time in those activities that will benefit you because the mind of an idle person becomes the target of sinful thoughts whispered by shaitaan and your nafs (the self which commands a person to do evil).


6 The Fate of Pompeii

Pompeii was the symbol of Rome's moral degeneration. Just like the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) tribe, the inhabitants of Pompeii, who had also strayed far from religious morality, chose a lifestyle contrary to the morals and life commanded by Allah. And so Allah punished them, just as He punished the Prophet Lot's (pbuh) tribe. Every society that rebels against Allah inevitably is punished, either in this world or the next, for this is one of Allah's laws. As Allah reveals:

... You will not find any changing in the pattern of Allah. You will not find any alteration in the pattern of Allah. (Surah Fatir, 43)

Pompeii was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE. Mount Vesuvius is the symbol of Italy, particularly the city of Naples. Dormant now for some 2,000 years, it is also known as the Mountain of Misfortune. Naples stands on the mount's western slopes, and Pompeii stands on its eastern slopes. This disaster struck Pompeii so suddenly that everything seems to have been frozen in time.

There are important lessons to be learned from Pompeii's fate. Historical sources reveal that before its destruction, Pompeii was a hotbed of vice and debauchery and was known for its widespread prostitution. Yet Mount Vesuvius wiped the city from the map in a single moment. Interestingly, despite its terrible eruption, nobody fled. It seems that the people were rooted to the spot, as if unaware of the tragedy. A number of couples have been found, among which are same-sex couples and young boys and girls. Some of the petrified human remains contain perfectly preserved facial features. Their general expression is one of surprise, for Pompeii was destroyed suddenly. Allah gives an example of the people of a city:

It was but one Great Blast, and [then] they were extinct. (Surah Ya Sin, 29)
The Qur’an tells us in the following verses that there is no change in Allah’s laws; 
    They swore their strongest oaths by Allah that if a warner came to them, they would follow his guidance better than any (other) of the Peoples: But when a warner came to them, it has only increased their flight (from righteousness),- On account of their arrogance in the land and their plotting of Evil, but the plotting of Evil will hem in only the authors thereof. Now are they but looking for the way the ancients were dealt with? But no change wilt thou find in Allah's way (of dealing): no turning off wilt thou find in Allah's way (of dealing). (Surat al-Fatir: 42-43)
Above is a fresco representing the luxury and prosperity of the city of Pompeii before the disaster. Down are petrified corpses unearthed in excavations made in Pompeii. 
Yes, “no change will be found in Allah’s way (rules)”. Everybody, who stands against His laws and rebels against Him, is subject to the same divine law. Pompeii, the symbol of the degeneration of the Roman Empire, was also involved in sexual perversity. Its end was similar to that of the people of Lut. 
The destruction of Pompeii came by means of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius.
The volcano Vesuvius is the symbol of Italy, primarily the city of Naples. Remaining silent for the last two millennia, Vesuvius is named the “Mountain of Warning”. It is not without cause that Vesuvius is known as such. The disaster that befell Sodom and Gomorrah is very similar to the disaster that destroyed Pompeii.
To the right of Vesuvius lies Naples and to the east lies Pompeii. The lava and ash of a huge volcanic eruption, that happened two millennia ago, caught the inhabitants of that city. The disaster happened so suddenly that everything in the town was caught in the middle of its everyday life and remains today exactly as it was two millennia ago. It is as if the time had been frozen.
The removal of Pompeii from the face of the earth by such a disaster was not purposeless. The historical record shows that the city was exactly a center of dissipation and perversity. The city was marked by a rise in prostitution to such an extent that even the number of brothels was not known. Male organs in their original sizes were hung on the doors of the brothels. According to this tradition, rooted in Mithraic belief, sexual organs and sexual intercourse should not be hidden but displayed openly. 
Some corpses uncovered at Pompeii and displayed in museums. 

But the lava of Vesuvius wiped the whole city off the map in a single moment. The most interesting aspect of the event is that nobody escaped despite the terrible violence of the eruption of Vesuvius. It is almost like they did not even notice the catastrophe, as if they were charmed. A family eating their meal were petrified right at that moment. Numerous petrified couples were found in the act of intercourse. The most interesting thing is that there were couples of the same sex and couples of young boys and girls. The faces of some of the petrified human corpses unearthed from Pompeii were unharmed. The general expression on those faces was bewilderment.
Here lies the most incomprehensible aspect of the calamity. How did thousands of people wait to be caught by death without seeing and hearing anything?
This aspect of the event shows that the disappearance of Pompeii was similar to the destructive events mentioned in the Qur’an, because the Qur’an particularly points to “sudden annihilation” while relating these events. For example, the “inhabitants of the city” described in Surah Ya-seen died all at once in a single moment. The situation is told as follows in the 29th. verse of the surah;
     It was no more than a single mighty Blast, and behold! they were (like ashes) quenched and silent. 
In the 31st verse of Surat al-Qamar, again the “instantaneous annihilation” is emphasised when the destruction of Thamud is recounted; 
    For We sent against them a single Mighty Blast, and they became like the dry stubble used by one who pens cattle.
The death of the people of Pompeii took place instantaneously as just as the events recounted in the above verses. 
Despite all these, things have not changed much where Pompeii once stood. The districts of Naples where debauchery prevails do not fall short of those licentious districts of Pompeii. The Island of Capri is a base where homosexuals and nudists reside. The Island of Capri is represented as a “Homosexual paradise” in tourist commercials. Not only on Capri and in Italy, but in nearly all the world, a similar moral degeneration is at work and people insist on not learning from the awful experiences of past peoples. 

7 Scientific signs in the story of prophet "Lût"

In this story there are many scientific facts which prove that Islam is the right religion, let us read and thank Allah for the blessing of Islam ……
Story of prophet "Lût" (Peace be upon him)
Prophet "Lût" lived in a village where its people were practicing adultery and he used to advice them to stop that but they were refusing to respond. So that he decided to go away of them and worship Allah. Then Allah chose him to be His prophet to those people to order them to obey and worship Allah the only God.
Allah says: (And (remember) Lût (Lot), when he said to his people: "Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed in the ‘Âlamîn (mankind and jinn)?)(Sûrat Al-A‘râf-verse 80).
Those people were doing the worst sin by practicing adultery with each others (Man and Man) and (woman and woman) which called today homosexuality  
And they  refused to talk to him even to listen and their answer was the same every time he calls them to believe, as Allah says: (And the answer of his people was only that they said: "Drive them out of your town, these are indeed men who want to be pure (from sins)!") (Sûrat Al-A‘râf-verse 82) so, what happened?  
Allah sent to him some people as guests, those people were not human but they were angels, when the people of the village knew that some nice men came, they decided to practice the adultery with them. But when they arrived the angels told prophet "Lût" what Allah tells us in the Qur'an: (They (messengers) said: "O Lût (Lot)! Verily, we are the messengers from your Lord! They shall not reach you! So travel with your family in a part of the night, and let not any of you look back; but your wife (will remain behind), verily, the punishment which will afflict them, will afflict her. Indeed, morning is their appointed time. Is not the morning near?")(Sûrat Hûd-verse81).
Immediately, prophet "Lût" respond to Allah and started to go out of the village with his family and when they were out of the village Allah almighty started to send down His torment on the village also on the wife of "Lût" because she used to accept the work" adultery" of the people of the village.
Allah's torment was by sending rains of stones on those people but the wife refused to listen to the order of Allah as she turned behind to see what happened to the people so that she was injured by these stones and died. Allah says: (Then we saved him and his family, except his wife; she was of those who remained behind (in the torment)* and we rained down on them a rain (of stones). Then see what was the end of the Mujrimûn (criminals, polytheists and sinners).
) (Sûrat Al-A‘râf-verse 83-84).

a)    Psychobiological disorders is an effect of homosexuality
The scientists noticed that the white matter is rare in the brain of homosexual people; the white matter is the tissue through which messages pass between different areas of gray matter within the nervous system. So the brain of the people who suffers that decrease became unable to make coordination between the cells, as a result the homosexual will be affected by Dementia or Alzheimer.     
The decrease of the white matter causes a huge disorder in the brain working mechanism so that homosexual people are unable to take right decisions and they tend to be violent, also they are affected by many psychological diseases, the same as a blind man who don't know what to do, Allah says about people of "Lût": ((Verily, by your life), in their wild intoxication, they were wandering blindly.)
(Sûrat A-Hijr-verse72)
In many western countries, it is common to see a man lives with another man and also a woman lives with a woman as husbands and wives. The modern statistics say that violence is common between homosexual persons which are 18 times more than what happens between Heterosexual persons.
The researchers confirm that the relation between those homosexual people don't continue more than 2 or 3 years which is evidence that any practice against Allah's nature will not continue or fruit.

A very recent example on 24th March 2015 of gays violent behaviour is a KILLER co-pilot Andreas Lubitz (gay) was trawling suicide and gay websites as he spiralled into mental illness killed 149 passenger on board by crashing the airplane in the french alps. He was reportedly nicknamed 'Tomato Andy' - a gay slur - by colleagues. A police source in Dusseldorf revealed: "We have a team disassembling his computer, ..... because the information that we received was that he trawled the dark side of the web visiting, among other things, sites containing gay porn, suicide themes and sexual perversions." 

AIDS is a result of adultery
AIDS is a disease of the human immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This condition progressively reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals susceptible to opportunistic infections and tumors.
HIV is transmitted through anal, vaginal, oral sex, and blood transfusion,
AIDS is now a pandemic. In 2007, it was estimated that 33.2 million people lived with the disease worldwide, and that AIDS killed an estimated 2.1 million people, including 330,000 children.
Although treatments for AIDS and HIV can slow the course of the disease, there is currently no vaccine or cure. 
Scientists say that due to the difficulty in treating HIV infection, preventing infection is a key aim in controlling the AIDS pandemic, with health organizations promoting safe sex in attempts to slow the spread of the virus.
Recently in a published research, scientists discovered a new type of bacteria which called MRSA.
MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, but is shorthand for any strain of Staphylococcus bacteria which is resistant to one or more conventional antibiotics.
Researchers believe that the MRSA may cause Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; also this kind of bacteria can be found where homosexual persons are living such as "Castro district" in San Francisco in the United States. Also they added that the ratio of infected people by MRSA in homosexual men is 13 times than in Heterosexual men.
Doctors say that 20 years ago clinicians began noticing what has come to be called "gay bowel syndrome," a collection of intestinal and rectal complaints that frequently plague gay men. Many of these illnesses stem from infection by fecal bacteria following anal sex--specifically, anal intercourse, analingus, and fellatio following anal intercourse. Some heterosexual couples (estimates range from 5 to 27 percent) also engage in anal sex, and they're at risk too. 

Further diseases which are transmitted by way of sexual perversion (homosexuality) are: 
1.     AIDS, which causes loss of acquired immunity and usually leads to death.
2.     Viral inflammation of the liver
3.     Syphilis *
4.     Gonorrhea *
5.     Herpes
6.     Bacterial inflammation of the anus
7.     Typhoid
8.     Amoebiasis
9.     Intestinal worms
10. Anal warts
11. Scabies
12. Pubic lice (“crabs”)
13. Cytomegalovirus that may lead to anal cancer
14. Genital-lymphatic pustules  

* Aids: There is no cure for it. It is contracted and spread through unlawful sexual intercourse and perverted sexual acts like homosexuality. 
Gonorrhea: which causes inflammation of the testicles, blockage of the urethra, inflammation of the joints and sterility. 
The ban on French gay or bisexual men donating blood or tissue for organ transplants is based on statistics that shows a prevalence of HIV among homosexuals, and that the virus isn’t always registered if blood tests take place soon after transmission. The ban covers people who habitually practice same sex relations, and those who confessed to even a singular gay contact during preliminary interviews for potential donors. In 2012, Health Minister Marisol Touraine said nothing she can do without an “absolute guarantee” that it would not increase risks for recipients. In Finland, Brazil, Australia and UK donors must undergo a one-year abstention from gay sex. In Canada, the limit is 5 years. But the point is Gay sex implies the HIV gift as a punishment to the gays. So the ban should be permanent. 

* Syphillis: This is a type of venereal disease commonly known among the Arabs as 'the English Disease' since its origin lies in European societies where free intermingling of the sexes and immorality is rife. It results in insanity, paralysis, blindness, and other nerve disorders. Also leads to blood vessel damage and death. 

* Genital Ulcers: which causes inflammation of the lymphatic glands. It also gives rise to chronic festering of tumours, inflammation of the urethra, severe pain in the joints and swelling of the limbs. 

* Hepatitis B: Its symptoms include fever, fatigue, nausea and jaundice. It results in chronic hepatitis or liver cancer. 
 Homosexuality and purity
 Scientists confirm that homosexuality contribute in transferring viruses and bacteria between homosexual persons, so that prophet "Lût" and his family were keen to purify themselves and to be away from homosexual people, Allah says: (And the answer of his people was only that they said: "Drive them out of your town, these are indeed men who want to be pure (from sins)!")(Sûrat Al-A‘râf-verse82), is this verse a sign that homosexuality is against purity.
Today we find doctors ask people to wash after any sexual practice, in Islam Allah almighty ordered us to wash after practicing sex and also He almighty made this as a condition for prayer , Allah says: ( If you are in a state of Janâba (i.e. after a sexual discharge), purify yourselves (bathe your whole body))(Sûrat Al-Mâ’idah-verse 6).
 The Way of Allah    
Allah almighty punish any one commits these sins by sending stones of baked clay, Allah says :( And we turned (the towns of Sodom in Palestine) upside down and rained down on them stones of baked clay.)(SûratAl-Hijr-verse 74).
This is the way of Allah which will never change as what happened with the people of "Lût" happened again with the people of Pompeii.  
Pompeii is an old roman city that lived in a lot of luxury. God gave people of this city a lot of graces such as the best crops, a lot of rains and many natural resources. But the people of that city were doing adultery and homosexuality and they were so proud with that. Also they used to draw pornographic pictures on walls in front of all people; researchers believe that art of pornography started in this dissolute city.
One day, people of Pompeii was celebrating  god of fire day , but suddenly and without any kind of warning a volcanic eruption occurred which released a lot of lava. As a result, people tried to escape but all of them were killed immediately and the city was disappeared .also their bodies were covered with lava and these covered bodies had transferred after many years to be fossilized rocks. Allah says: (So we seized them all of a sudden while they were unaware) (Sûrat Al-A‘râf – verse 95).
Scenes of torment
A real photo for an inhabitant of Pompeii .the body was transferred to be fossilized rock. This punishment is in this life but in the hereafter punishment is strong and last forever, god says :( And thus do We requite him who transgresses beyond bounds [i.e. commits the great sins and disobeys his Lord (Allah) and believes not in His Messengers, and His revealed Books, like this Qur’an], and believes not in the Ayât(proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of his Lord; and the torment of the Hereafter is far more severe and more lasting.) (Sûrat Tâ-Hâ- verse 127) 

d) Research analysis on 
i). Anatomical differences 
ii) Genetic investigations 
iii) Biological causes Homosexuality-Related Research

Much research has been done over the years to discover the scientific ongms of homosexuality. Mostly it has been to disprove the fact that homosexuality is a matter of choice. None of the research done up to this date, however, is conclusive. Only varying theories exist according to the results of such research.

Research available on the topic of homosexuality can be divided into three categories:

1. Anatomical differences
2. Genetic investigations
3. Biological causes

I) Anatomical Differences

The anatomical work in 1991 of simon levay (self-proclaimed homosexual gay) and roger gorski work in 1992 came under heavy criticism by william byne, director of the neuroanatomy laboratory of neuropsychiatric disease at new york's mount sinai medical center. "a general problem with this work is that there have been dozens and dozens of reports of sex differences in the human brain since the middle of the last century. But not a single one of these has been corroborated, except for the one that men tend to have slightly larger brains than women. The reason for that is that it's tremendously difficult to do morphometric studies in the human brain. I would be surprised if there weren't sex differences in the human brain, since there are sex differences in just about every organ system in humans. But to date, we can't say with any confidence where the sex differences are."

Other researchers have found that brain structures can change as a result of life experiences. In 1997, university of california at berkeley psychologist marc breedlove released a study that showed that sexual activities of rats actually structurally changed aspects of the brain at the base of the spinal chord. "these findings give us proof for what we theoretically know to be the case - that sexual experience can alter the structure of the brain, just as genes can alter it," breedlove commented. "you can't assume that because you find a structural difference in the brain, that it was caused by genes. You don't know how it got there." he also states that, "it is possible that differences in sexual behavior cause (rather than are caused by)  differences in the brain." (pat mcbroom, "sexual experience may affect brain structure," berkeleyan campus newspaper [university of california at berkeley], 19 november 1997).  Indeed levay himself offered the following criticisms of his own research: "it's important to stress what i didn't find. I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn't show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did 1 locate a gay center in the brain. Inah3 is less likely to be the sole gay nucleus ofthe brain than part of a chain of nuclei engaged in men and women's sexual behavior. Levay noted, " ... People who think that gays and lesbians are born that way are also more likely to support gay rights." (the innate-immutable argument finds no basis in science. In their own words: gay activists speak about science, morality, philosophy. A. Dean byrd, ph.d.; shirley e. Cox, ph.d.; jeffrey w. Robinson, ph.d., salt lake city tribune: may 27th, 2001).

ii) Genetic Investigations

A) twin studies
J.m. Bailey’s study in 1991 & 1993 & in 2000 analysed by dr. William byne who wrote, "without knowing what developmental experiences contribute to sexual orientation, the effects of common genes and common environments are difficult to disentangle. Resolving this issue requires studies of twins raised apart." other physicians have also criticized the study for overvaluing the genetic influence.
Bailey's team also asked non-concordant identical twins (one was homosexual, one not) about their early family environment, and found that the same family environment was experienced or perceived by the twins in quite different ways. These differences led later to homosexuality in one twin, but not in the other. (n. E. Whitehead, ph.d;!Docs/whitehead.html ).
N.e. Whitehead, ph.d. Of the national association for research and therapy of homosexuality (narth) ponders over the results of concordant identical twins, whether their genes could have "made them do it". He contends that they didn't.

For perspective, it is valuable to compare genetic contributions to homosexuality with the question - is a girl genetically compelled to become pregnant at 15? Her genes might give her physical characteristics that make her attractive to boys - but whether she gets pregnant will depend greatly on whether her community is amish or urban, conservative or liberal, whether they use contraceptives, and whether the parents are away for the evening.

So the influence of the genes is very indirect. We can see this by thinking further - if she was in solitary confinement all her life, would her genes make her become pregnant? Of course not! Some influence from the environment (in this case a boy) is essential! The effects of genes on behaviors are very indirect because genes make proteins, not preferences.
So the results of identical-twin studies are critical in understanding the biological influences on homosexuality. Only for physical traits like skin color are identical twins.

The scientific truth is - our genes don't force us into anything. But we can support or suppress our genetic tendencies. We can foster them or foil them. If we reinforce our genetic tendencies thousands of times (even if only through homoerotic fantasy), is it surprising that it is hard to change? Similarly, we have a genetic tendency to eat, but it
is possible to foster this tendency and overeat for the pleasure it brings. If we repeat that often enough, we will not only reinforce a genetic tendency to become overweight, but find that "starving" the habit takes a long time! ( )
Thus it is the behavior one assumes during one's life that determines the acquisition of a certain genetic predisposition, not the gene itself.

The "gay" gene Myth
In 1999, on the other hand, drs. George rice, neil risch and george ebers published their findings in science after attempting to replicate hamer's xq28 study. Their conclusion: "we were not able to confirm evidence for an xq28-linked locus underlying male homosexuality." moreover, they added that when another group of researchers (sanders, et al.) Tried to replicate hamer's study, they, too, failed to find the genetic
connection to homosexuality.
Ebers explains:  “……there is really no support for the idea that male homosexuality is x-linked. The dna tests that were done didn't even support dean's idea a bit. There wasn't even a trend toward increased
sharing of hap 10 types down there at xq28.
Rice concluded in the rice et al study:
It is unclear why our results are so discrepant from hamer's original study. Because our study was larger than that of dean h. Hamer's et al, we certainly had adequate power to detect a genetic effect as large as reported in that study. Nonetheless, our data do not support the presence of a gene of large effect influencing sexual orientation at position xq28.
( http://www.nartl •. Com/docs/innate.html )

Hamer later himself offered some conclusions regarding genetics and homosexuality: “ ……. There is not a single master gene that makes people gay .. .i don't think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay. (http://ww\!Innate.htmi)”  because it is the environment and person’s surrounding that influence him not genes.
Citing the failure of his research, hamer further writes: the pedigree failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple mendelian
inheritance. In fact, we never found a single family in which homosexuality was distributed in the obvious pattern that mendel observed in his pea plants.

The “gay gene” or “born gay” hoax

Immediately after hamer’s “gay gene” study was published in 1993, a media explosion ensued. Hamer’s results, however, were a fraud. The title of an article appearing on page 25 of the july 10, 1995, edition of the pro-gay magazine new york native explains:
“gay gene” research doesn’t hold under scrutiny, chicago tribune’s john crewdson uncovers possible scientific misconduct by nci researcher.
The article begins:
In addition to the political and social firestorm hamer’s research has ignited, he has also been criticized by numerous scientists for not performing what seems to be an obvious control experiment: examining the genes of heterosexual brothers.
The omission of a control group in a scientific experiment is significant, because it essentially renders the experiment inconclusive. Why would a supposedly professional researcher like hamer conduct an experiment in such an unacceptable and unprofessional fashion?
According to the article, another researcher who worked on the project claimed that although hamer conducted the experiment correctly by including a control variable, the results he obtained did not lead to the conclusion he was hoping to find: that some men are “born gay.” Hamer therefore did not release the information related to the control group and published pseudo-scientific results. All went well for hamer until a junior researcher on his team exposed his scheme. The article continues:
Even worse for hamer, the national institute of health’s office of research integrity is now investigating his “gay gene” research, according to crewdson. The inquiry concerns allegations that hamer was selective about which data he chose to report (i.e., that he ignored data that didn’t support his contention that homosexuality is genetically determined). The data manipulation was reported to nih’s integrity office by a junior researcher who performed research crucial to hamer’s claimed discovery, according to crewdson.
Crewdson’s revelations turned out to be true. A november 1995 edition of scientific american confirmed that hamer was “being charged with research improprieties and was under investigation by the national institute of health’s federal office of research integrity.” Although the nih never released the results of the inquiry, hamer was shortly thereafter transferred to another section. In addition to lying about his results, he had done his “gay gene” research under a grant to work on kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin cancer that inordinately afflicts men who have sex with men.

The fact that hamer’s study cannot be replicated confirms reports that hamer lied about his results. In 1998, another group of researchers (sanders, et al.) Tried to replicate hamer’s study as well; they also failed to find a genetic connection to homosexuality.
Then, in the aug. 6, 1999, edition of science, george rice and george ebers published a review of hamer’s study to go along with their previous attempts to replicate his findings. The scientists stated that the results of hamer’s study “did not support an x-linked gene underlying male homosexuality.”

By this time, hamer had already conceded that his pseudo-scientific study did not support a genetic cause for homosexuality, in the jan. 30, 1998, edition of the washington blade. He also conceded that homosexuality is “culturally transmitted, not inherited,” and that “there is not a single master gene that makes people gay.
(read complete article ))

Hamer's research has been cast into doubt not only by arguments over his interpretation of the data, but also by allegations of scientific misconduct. According to a front-page article by john crewdson in the chicago tribune (june 25, 1995), an anonymous former member of hamer's lab had alleged that hamer engaged in selective presentation of data in his 1993 science paper. Crewdson reported that an investigation had been launched by the office of research integrity (orl) of the united states department of health and human services.
Jeffrey satinover's conclusions on the "gay gene" are:
There is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is genetic-and none of the research itself claims there is.

Iii) Biological Causes
Prominent research teams byne and parsons, and also friedman and downey, each concluded that there was no evidence to support a biologic theory, but rather that homosexuality could be best explained by an alternative model where "temperamental and personality traits interact with the familial and social milieu as the individual's sexuality emerges." (w. Byne and b. Parsons, "human sexual orientation: the biologic theories reappraised." archives of general psychiatry 50, no. 3.)
Are homosexual attractions innate? There is no support in the scientific research for tile conclusion that homosexuality is biologically determined (a. Dean byrd, ph.d. Http://!D ocs/innatc.html).
Sociologist steven goldberg, ph.d. States:
Virtually all of the evidence argues against there being a determinative physiological causal factor and i know of no researcher who believes that such a determinative factor exists ... Such factors playa predisposing, not a determinative role ... I know of no one in the field who argues that homosexuality can be explained without reference to environmental factors. 
In the Qur'an, Allah SWT states "so set your face firmly toward the religion, as a pure natural believer, allah's natural pattern on which he made humanity" (surat ar-rum, 30) 
Allah desires to remove all impurity from you, o people of the house, and to purify you completely. (surat al-ahzab, 30-33) 
Allah says: (and the answer of his people was only that they said: "drive them out of your town, these are indeed men who want to be pure (from sins)!")(sûrat al-a‘râf-verse82), in this verse a sign that homosexuality is against purity.
Thus like all other evils in the society this evil of homosexuality also needs legislations for punishing the culprits and rehabilitation centres for homosexuals like those for drug addicts. The best punishment is already advised in islam 1400 years ago i.e. Put to death by stoning the homosexual. 

Read again the prophet lot (pbuh) warned his tribe in these terms: his tribe came running to him excitedly—they were long used to committing evil acts. He said: "my people, here are my daughters. They are purer for you. So fear allah and do not shame me with my guests. Is there not one rightly-guided man among you?" they said: "you know we have no claim on your daughters. You know very well what we want." (surah hud, 78-79) 

The role of the media in making information available on such research as mentioned above is of major importance. The media have been noted to put the spotlight on "pro- homosexual" research without even mentioning the fact that there are any arguments related to that research. It has become taboo in the west to be labeled a homophobe.
Does western media go to great lengths to prove themselves worthy of the very active and quite strong gay and lesbian movements? Do they selectively choose what reaches the reader and what does not, to that end?

The immigration (hijra) of the prophet lot (pbuh) and the prophet abraham (pbuh)
Prophet abraham (pbuh) and the prophet lot (pbuh), along with the believers, migrated at allah's command and settled in a delightful new land. In the qur'an, our lord reveals their blessed destiny:

We delivered both him [abraham] and lot to the land that we had blessed for all beings. And in addition to that, we gave him isaac and jacob and made both of them righteous. We made them leaders, guiding [them] by our command, and revealed to them how to do good actions, perform prayer, and give alms. And they worshipped us. We gave right judgment and knowledge to lot, and rescued him from the city that committed disgusting acts. They were evil people who were deviators. We admitted him into our mercy. He was one of the righteous. (surat al-anbiya', 71-75)

Hijra is a religious observation that only devout believers can perform. People who live far removed from religion can never agree to suddenly leave behind everything they own and emigrate to an unknown destination. Their homes, goods, and property are most important to them. Yet wherever believers may go, since they know that allah will meet all of their needs, they have no hesitation about leaving everything behind and emigrating for allah's good pleasure. The prophet abraham (pbuh) and the prophet lot (pbuh) demonstrated their submission to allah in the finest possible manner. They renounced their material possessions and homelands to gain his good pleasure. In return, our lord settled them in a good land and endowed them with the infinite blessings of paradise in the hereafter.
Believers, who trust in allah and know that he will meet all of their needs at every moment, must follow the prophets' model of complete submission to allah. That is because people who are attached to the world and are concerned about the future are far removed from religion's moral values. Our lord gives believers the glad tidings that as a reward for not indulging in material interests, believers will receive matchless blessings in both worlds.
In addition, allah informs us of the prophets' vast property as a blessing from him. The prophet david (pbuh) had a great deal of property, and the prophet solomon (pbuh) possessed so much power and wealth that nobody could match them. Allah reveals that he gave the prophet abraham (pbuh) and his line a lot of property:

Or do they, in fact, envy other people for the bounty allah has granted them? We gave the family of abraham the book and wisdom, and we gave them an immense kingdom. (surat an-nisa', 54)

Goods, property, and power are always causes of arrogance and self-love among those who do not believe and are heedless. On the other hand, the prophets and the believers who follow them use the goods and property allah has given them to spread his religion, earn his good pleasure, and achieve their abode in the hereafter. Furthermore, believers also know that all of their property belongs to allah. When sincere muslims are given blessings in this world, they thank our lord. More importantly, when such blessings diminish they still thank allah with all of their hearts and display the proper patience, for they know that this life is a test and that allah will reward them in paradise:

Those who believe and emigrate and strive in the way of allah with their wealth and their selves have a higher rank with allah. They are the ones who are victorious. Their lord gives them the good news of his mercy and good pleasure, and gardens where they will enjoy everlasting delight, remaining in them timelessly, forever and ever. Truly, there is an immense reward with allah. (surat at-tawba, 20-22)

Finally advice for homosexuals : if you were ever involved in sexual homosexual acts in the past, you should truly and sincerely repent to allah, the merciful, the gracious, and pledge to him never to get involved in any homosexual acts anymore. Please note that there is a difference to actually being involved in a homosexual act -which is a sin - from having sexual feelings that you try to control, that you don't express in public, which is not sinful if you try to control them. If medical or psychological counseling helps, then get it, but know that allah is the curer, and the qur'an is your best companion. Give charity, pray, make dua', and allah will not leave you alone. You have got to believe in the infinite amount of mercy allah provides to his servants, and you should also realize that he forgives, if he wishes, all types of sins, except the sin of disbelieving in him.

What is sinful in homosexuality is the actual sexual act between the couple of a similar sex. If you transform your desires into a struggle and a challenge to overcome it and not physically commit it, then insha'allah, you will get the reward for it.
Don't lose hope! Fear allah (s.w.t), ask him for help earnestly, never give up, and do something to get rid of even the idea of homosexuality. Try to avoid all of the circumstances that trigger your homosexual feelings: don't get alone with an attractive man, always be in the company of others, don't get involved in deep / personal discussions with any person that you may think will trigger your homosexual feeling. Stay away from any other people who have similar feelings. Don't even think in such an idea of this subject, keep yourself busy in different useful thing, and stay away of anything that remind you of homosexuality. Keep a positive thinking in your mind and keep saying to yourself that you can do something about it. Don't ever say i can't. Remember with every step you are taking toward getting rid of this habit you are getting help and reward from allah (s.w.t) and you are annoying the shaytan.

Also for many homosexual the concept of getting married is unappealing. Having this feeling should not prevent you from considering to get married in the future. You will discover that marriage is more than simply fulfilling your sexual needs... Your wife will insha'allah bring you peace, tranquility, joy, security, and many other feelings that every human being needs, irrelevant of their "sexual partners". Be patient and make it a lifelong struggle for yourself... You will see how rewarding it is at the end... Remember, there is in this world many compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, adulterers, thieves, but many of them control it and refrain from doing it... Allah will help you when you seek his help. There is no way you will fail insha'allah...

Verses from qur'an:
26:165-166 "of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, and leave those whom allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!"
27:55 would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant!
29:28-29 and (remember) lut: behold, he said to his people: "ye do commit lewdness, such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you. Do ye indeed approach men, and cut off the highway?- and practise wickedness (even) in your councils?" but his people gave no answer but this: they said: "bring us the wrath of god if thou tellest the truth."

Hadeeth (saying of prophet muhammad) regarding homosexuality:
Narrated abusa'id al-khudri: the prophet (saws) said: a man should not look at the private parts of another man, and a woman should not look at the private parts of another woman. A man should not lie with another man without wearing lower garment under one cover; and a woman should not be lie with another woman without wearing lower garment under one cover. (abu dawood)
Narrated abuhurayrah: the prophet (saws) said: a man should not lie with another man and a woman should not lie with another woman without covering their private parts except a child or a father. He also mentioned a third thing which i forgot. (abu dawood)

Points of discussion:
-         it is the sin of the people of lut and its arabic word is lutiyya. Liwat is the word for sodomy, under which heading the topic of homosexuality is found in the books of fiqh.
-         under shari`a both the (same-sex) sodomizer and sodomized are passible of death.
-         the laws of other religions were similar until not so long ago.
-         the companions considered it so abhorrent that they subjected the culprits to burning, an extreme punishment not meted out for any other offense.
-         as for lesbianism, the prophet, blessings and peace upon him said that it consisted in zina (adultery) and so it is subject to the same ruling as zina, which is death for the married, and lashes for the unmarried.
Our relaxed attitude in this day and age is purely a product of the times in which we live, where morals have been completely liquefied so that we no longer realise the difference between right and wrong. If someone was covered with dirt from head to toes and insists that it is his way of life, we would not keep company with them for one second. What about someone who insists on his transgression when even the shari`a of jews and christians explicitly condemn it?

8.  Homosexuality The Cost To Society
Of all topics most popular in today's media, issues concerning homosexuals and homosexuality in general top the list. Homosexuality is generally defined as a sexual relationship between partners of the same sex. Debate concerning its causes and consequences has been going on for many centuries and almost in every period in human history. However, never before in human history has it been granted such wide scale acceptance in western society as it has now. The question that i seek to answer in this paper is whether such wide scale acceptance should in fact be granted to homosexual behavior? Is such behavior rational, scientifically functional or is it actually detrimental to the high level of civilization that we've achieved?


Scientifically speaking , sex is a means to an end. The end being the propagation of the human race. This end can never be fulfilled by sex between males (in the case of gays) or between females (in the case of lesbians). Therefore, the general conclusion is that homosexuality is irrational and illogical.

If we consider the construction of the bodies of the male and female, what is noticed at once is that the construction of a body of a male (the penis and the anus- i.e no vagina) does not accommodate having sex with another male. Nor does the construction of a body of a female (no penis, a vagina) accommodate sex with another female. What is obvious to common sense is that the construction and location of specific sexual organs in the bodies of a male and a female accommodate sex between a male and a female and not among members of the same sex.
Therefore, the conclusion once again is that homosexuality is an unnatural and an irrational behavior.

The case with birth control is different to the "cause & effect" argument above[this point was brought up in my meeting in class with the smsu (southwest missouri state) gay & lesbian alliance]. Birth control is simply the further delaying or prevention of a naturally occurring delaying process. The egg (ovum), which when fertilized develops into a zygote, which then eventually develops into the fetus, is released in the female's body in a specific period of time and pregnancy is caused only if a sperm fuses with the egg in that specific time period. If the egg is not fertilized during that period, then the cycle in humans ends in menstruation. (encyclopedia britannica, vol 26, macropaedia 701-703)


it was clearly recognized by experts who were objective and unprejudiced, that psychologically speaking homosexuality is an abnormal behavior. However large scale lobbying by homosexuals and certain psychologists brought in biases into this scientific field of inquiry and hence the truth got masked and the results are stated below:

"before 1973 the dsm [diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders] listed
homosexuality as a sexual disorder. Protests by gay activist groups and many psychotherapists eventually led to its elimination from the manual as a sexual disorder per se, but the dsm did retain a category called "ego dystotic homosexuality- the feeling of extreme distress over one's homosexual preference". Dsm iii r has dropped even this category, and the issue of homosexuality is no longer mentioned (comer 480)."

"until the early 1970's the u.s psychiatric establishment classified homosexuality as a
mental illness, but that designation was dropped amid increased political activity and efforts by homosexuals to be seen as individuals exercising different sexual preferences rather than aberrant personalities (encyclopedia britannica, vol 6, 31)."

homosexuality is proven to be a learned behavior according to experiments with clinical
cases of intersexuality. At puberty, the individuals in question were "generally attracted to the sex opposite to their sex of rearing [even if it be opposite to their genetic sex of males, having x & y chromosomes and females both x chromosomes] this suggests that sexual orientation is primarily established in post natal experiences (encyclopedia britannica, vol 27, 247)

there has however been great debate concerning the nature versus nurture question concerning homosexuality:


The most recent one seems to indicate a certain difference in certain parts of the brains of homosexual people. What has however not been resolved is whether such difference in the brains was the cause or the effect of homosexual behavior. Further many people in the sample studied had aids and aids in its later stages affects the brain. Therefore no strong conclusions can scientifically be drawn from such a study.


when hormones are artificially altered in female animal's bodies
[introducing excess androgen prenatally] it makes them behave more like males even showing mating preference for members of the same sex. (britannica, vol 27 ,248-249).
The same source however, also narrates that changing the hormone level postnatally does not mean that sexual preference for partners will change. The only thing that will change will be
the arousal level.

Therefore, based on the above, i believe i can justifiably conclude that abnormal sexual preference even when it becomes "normal" to a particular individual due to abnormal circumstances like the above, can be controlled. If every male took his sexual desires towards every attractive female to their conclusion, you can well imagine the galloping rate of rapes in this or any other society. Just because certain individuals experience sexual desires towards members of the same sex, because something went wrong somewhere, does not at all mean that they should engage in homosexual behavior or that their behavior be accepted without question or search for a solution.


even though many "political" efforts have been made by gays to attribute sexual orientation to the infamous "gay gene," nothing conclusive has been found. The study that is cited has fallen out of favor due to the biased nature of the sample and its taking into account only gay men and not lesbians.

1) from psychiatrist jeffrey satinover, m.d.:
"like all complex behavioral and mental states, homosexuality is...neither exclusively biological nor exclusively psychological, but results from an as-yet-difficult-to-quantitate mixture of genetic factors, intrauterine influences...postnatal environment (such as parent, sibling and cultural behavior), and a complex series of repeatedly reinforced choices occurring at critical phases of development."
--j. Satinover, m.d., homosexuality and the politics of truth (1996). Grand rapids, mi: baker books.

2) william byne, a psychiatrist with a doctorate in biology, and bruce parsons (1993) carefully analyzed all the major biological studies of homosexuality. They found none that definitively supported a biological theory of causation. --w. Byne and b. Parsons, "human sexual orientation: the biologic theories reappraised."
Archives of general psychiatry 50, no.3.)

3) psychiatrists friedman and downey state that "a biopsychosocial model" best fits our knowledge of causation, with various combinations of temperament andenvironmental events leading to homosexuality. They say:
"despite recent neurobiological findings suggesting homosexuality is genetically-biologically determined, credible evidence is lacking for a biological model of homosexuality."--r. Friedman, m.d. And j. Downey, m.d., journal of neuropsychiatry, vol. 5, no. 2, spring l993.

4) from sociologist steven goldberg, ph.d.:
"virtually all of the evidence argues against there being a determinative physiological causal factor and i know of no researcher who believes that such adeterminative factor exists...such factors play a predisposing, not a determinative role...i know of no one in the field who argues that homosexuality can be explained without reference to environmental factors."
I would like to add as a conclusion. If we take the arrow of implication backwards, some people have a predisposition to alcohol, that doesn't mean that they should abuse alcohol and that no therapy is effective.

5) an article on genes and behavior in science magazine says:
"...the interaction of genes and environment is much more complicated than the simple "violence genes" and intelligence genes" touted in the popular press. Indeed, renewed appreciation of environmental factors is one of the chief effects of the increased belief in genetics' effects on behavior. The same data that show the effects of genes also point to the enormous influence of non-genetic factors."
--c. Mann, "genes and behavior," science 264:1687 (1994), pp. 1686-1689.

For more information on the "gene" factor this site (from which the above 5 quotes are taken) is helpful:

Man is not an animal: “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds” (1 Corinthians 15:39).

Some people often look to animals to decide for themselves what’s natural and what’s not natural.  Are animals the metric for 'natural' behaviour now? Some animals eat their own faeces. All predatory animals kill, and rip their prey to shreds. Some even rape animals, engage in cannibalism and infanticide. Incest is also found in the animal kingdom. Some animals eat their young. Fighting for mates (physically) is also found in the animal kingdom.  Does this mean you allow incest amongst humans, mothers eating their newborns, men fighting like gladiators with the victor taking home your sister? Just because something exists in the animal kingdom does not mean it should exist in human society. I don’t really think examples of homosexuality amongst animals is a good argument, murderers and cannibals could use the same. Just because animals do something doesn’t make it right or wrong. Frankly if you behave like an animal, you are nothing but an animal. Humans are not animals and they never were.

Regarding Freedom of Gays as they cause no harm to others then should people have the freedom to do "their business" with their child and pets in public since they are not harming anyone? And of course we muslims being a major part of world society are against their outward practices, such as their filthy and explicit gay parades. These do affect us and our children. So gays argument that they are not harming others is totally flawed and invalid.

Those who seek to legitimise homosexuality by looking at animal behaviour or certain characteristics of genes must realise that homosexuality “oversteps the limits” in the sight of God and must change their behaviour in the light of this warning in the Qur’an: 

""Of all beings, do you lie with males, leaving the wives God has created for you? You are a people who have overstepped the limits."" (Qur’an, 26: 165-166) 

One major cause of this moral corruption is the Darwinist ideology defining a human being not as a servant of God, but as a selfish animal that came into being by chance. According to this unscientific claim, a human should not be expected to have different laws and moral values from those of an animal. Life is a struggle, and human beings must be totally ruthless, fighting tooth and nail with one another.
The fact that people are in need will cause no discomfort to someone who regards them as animals and thinks that in any case, animals evolve through conflict and competition. Such a frightening view completely does away with love and respect among people. For these reasons, those deceived by Darwinism must not ignore what this deception will cost them.
Humans and animals are entirely different entities created by God. Animals act in the light of instincts and lack reasoning. A human being, on the other hand, is an entity capable of judgment and who can reason. Those who maintain that man is a species of animal seek to apply the law of the jungle to human societies, which will lead to a terrifying chaos that eliminates all peace and well-being.
The Pew Research Center is an American think tank organization based in Washington, D.C. that provides information on issues, attitudes and trends shaping the United States and the world. 
The Pew Global Attitudes Project is a series of worldwide public-opinion surveys and reports aimed at understanding worldwide attitudes on various issues.

Allah tests the muslims more closely with a higher degree of test, failure of test results in punishment in this world and the hereafter. So muslims should be extra careful about the choices they make.

Tel Aviv is widely known as the gay capital of the Middle East and Tel Aviv is also known as a global gay capital, attracting 100,000 plus attendees to its annual gay pride festival in June 2014. Israel has a long history of promoting LGBTQ rights, ending the ban on homosexual sodomy in 1988,  passing the Employment Nondiscrimination Act in 1992 and since 1993, permitting gays to serve openly in the military. This is one of the many reasons Israel is going to finish soon. (For details read "Extinction of Israel in the context of calculation of number and years 
Allah (God Allmighty) says in the Quran Surah Maryam 19:83 : "Have you not seen that We have sent the devils onto the disbelievers inciting them with all their incitements."

There is absolutely no doubt that Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the three most widely embraced religions in America condemn homosexual behavior in the strongest terms:

According to the Old Testament & the Koran, the people of Lot were destroyed because they engaged in homosexual behavior and were unrepenting and un accepting of God's admonishment (Holy Bible, Genesis chapter 13, 14, 18, 19; Koran 7:80-84; 4:16 etc)
In the book of Romans, in the Bible [New Testament], Paul states:
"Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error (Romans 1:22-27)."

The above verse also condemns those who worship God in the image of a man i.e those who believe in the concept of a "God- incarnate".

i) Aids: Among the groups that have directly and indirectly contributed to the wide scale spread of Aids to even innocent patients like children are homosexuals and their practice of anal sex.

"There are specific behaviors that place people at a high risk for AIDS. The first is anal sex which can cause rectal bleeding and thereby allow easy transmission of HIV. This practice is therefore extremely dangerous and, of course, the greater the number of sexual partners, the greater the risk. Anal sex is commonly practiced by Gay males in some cases with many sexual partners.
For this reason about two thirds of persons with Aids are homosexual or bi-sexual males
(Macionis 545:1987)."

The above statistic of two thirds shows the trend in the spread of AIDS a few years after it
was recognized as a threat (1987). Even today according the the General Social Survey of the University of Chicago (Smith 1998) gay men are at the highest risk of contracting AIDS.
Aids results in many national cost problems too:
"....The cost of treating Aids already exceeds $150,000 per person and may rise further as new therapies develop....Added to the direct medical costs are the tens of billions of dollars in lost earnings and productivity...There is little doubt that Aids is a medical and social problem of monumental proportions (Macionis 545)."

Gays become very dangerous for society when in groups, normal people can’t remain safe from their abuse both by their toxic words and acts the glimpse of which has been covered even in today’s famous TV series Prison Break in which Theodore "T-bag" Bagwell who was a sexual predator and murderer and the scourge of Fox River State Penitentiary. He homes in on young male inmates and forces them to meet his needs sexually who later did suicides. 
Similarly the dangerous behaviour of homosexuals is depicted in the Hollywood comedy movie “Big Stan” in which Robert Schneider dedicates himself in preparation to avoid abuse of homosexuals by learning Martial arts. There is another comedy movie which has been made on this subject "Death at a funeral" wherein a person dies and his sons are arranging his funeral when a gay comes and reveals that he had some illegitimate affairs with their father and claims USD20,000/- for his services owed to him from his inheritance, initially they agreed to pay after the evidence shown to them but later refused and killed him (thought to have killed him) putting his body in sarcophagus of their dead father to bury the complete evidence. Also recently   ‘Horrific statistics’: Male rapes common in UK army, Ministry of Defence data reveals


According to common sense, science, logic, psychology and religion - i.e all those aspects of present society, that have contributed to its civilization, homosexuality is irrational, illogical, abnormal and an immoral behavior. Those who practice is should not be personally condemned but their behavior should and solutions to their ills be found, and the free practice of homosexual behavior be stopped, so that our society prospers. If clear and concrete evidence were indeed found in the other direction, I would gladly change my above conclusions. Therefore let our end be towards the truth!

"..What is left after the truth except error? How then are you turned away." (Koran10:32)


In Islam and Bible both only the following first three categories (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals) are punishable by death however The Cross-dressers are cursed in the Hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH). Lets breakdown the terms LGBT’s / LGBTI’s :
1)      Lesbians (Women having sex with women)
2)      Gays (Men having sex with men)
3)      Bi-sexual (Men having sex with both men and women also the women having sex with both men and women)
4)      Cross-dressers or Mukhannath bi al-takalluf: These are the men who act like women out of immoral purposes, and his feminine traits are not inborn. To An-Nawawi, this is sinful and blameworthy. (Actual men who have no problem with their gender identity, but "act" to gain access to women quarters).  Those who were not created that way; rather they choose to imitate women in their movements and speech. This is the type which is cursed in the Sahīh Hadīths.
5)      Trans-gender or Trans-sexual :
·         Transmen  Mukhannath min kalqin: These are men whose feminine traits are innate and he did not put it upon himself. Therein lies no guilt, no shame and no blame, as long as he does not use his characteristics for illicit acts, or exploit it for money. (Transsexual men) The word mukhannath (“effeminate”) refers to a person who behaves like a woman in gentleness, speech, appearance, movements and so on. Those who are created that way; there is no sin on them.
Transwomen now the doctors can determine if transgender is a male or female by urination way, signs of puberty and lust tend. So if the transgender is close to masculinity he will be in men kind in Islam rules and if the transgender is close to feminine she will be in women kind in Islam rules.
6)      Inter-sex The word khuntha (translated as “intersex”) applies to a person who cannot be easily characterized as male or female, or the one who has both male and female anatomy. The word is derived from a root referring to softness, gentleness and tenderness.

Quran Surah Ash-Shuraa 42:50 “To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female [children], and He gives to whom He wills males. Or He makes them [both] males and females, and He renders whom He wills barren. Indeed, He is Knowing and Competent.”
IMPORTANT NOTE: By definition both the terms “Trans-gender & Inter-sex” are referred to in the above verse of the Quran 42:50. So Trans-gender and Inter-sex members of the society should not be part of the LGBTI propaganda movements they are not like the LGB’s. Only LGB’s are punishable in Islam and Bible not the TI’s (Transgenders & Inter-sexuals).
For the people who want to repent -
download pdf file latest Article in 2013 by Nadia elawadi,d.bmk&cad=rja

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