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Did the scientists find a glowing material in the moon?

Did the scientists find a glowing material in the moon?
Long ago, scientists began talking about an illumination on the surface of the moon discovered that the moon`s surface has a radioactivity which is different from the Earth. That is because Earth is surrounded by a strong magnetic field that saves the Earth from any cosmic radiation. However the moon does not have any atmosphere, therefore, it receives a large amount of electrified solar wind and cosmic radiation. This radiation interact with the moon’s dust and makes it reflect the sun rays more than the rest of other planets, so it seems  not only illuminating, but very illuminating!! 
Dr. Mark Norman from the University of Tasmania says: We have examined the samples from the moon and find them different from the Earth`s rocks and the most thing that distinguish them is the proportion of glass in the dust of the moon! This glass is 3 billion years and there are no proportion of glass in the rocks on Earth which have the same age .This glass is the reason why the moon seems more illuminating than other planets. Before  I continue my discussion with you brothers and sisters, I  remember a great Quran  verse in which Allah Almighty describes the moon as an  illumining object: (Blessed be He Who has placed in the heaven big stars, and has placed therein a great lamp (sun), and a moon giving light)] Al Furqan:61[. It is curious to find some scientists reveal glowing spots on the surface of the moon as it was stated by the BBC News website in an article titled “lights glow on the moon”. Scientists said that the moon is not a dead object as it was believed before; there are radiation activities on the surface. To know more information about this scientific discovery go to BBC News website. (7)
In a new research on NASA site, scientists found that the moon receives a lot of cosmic particles coming from the sun and they are electrically charged. Consequently, the surface of the moon becomes electrically charged at specific times which forms storms of moon`s dust. When sun light (photons of light) fall, it reacts with moon`s dust and glow strongly like an electric lamp receiving amount of electricity! See reference (8).
Recently, scientists found that the moon`s dust is very dangerous because it is electrified; the design of the moon helps to make it an object which is strongly influenced by the sun and seems illuminating. The absence of a magnetic field around the moon and the nature of moon`s soil resulting from the defamation of millions of meteorites, and the distance of the moon from the earth and the sun, in addition to the distinguished composition of the moon`s soil which contains a large proportion of glass! All these factors help the moon to spread large amounts of light, to appear glowing to us. Unlike the Earth which, if we viewed it from the moon side, we will not see it illuminating .This illumination gives the moon a distinctive feature. Scientists have noticed the presence of glowing spots caused by radioactivity on the surface of the moon, thus, this scientific discovery has been  stated by the Quran fourteen centuries as Allah Almighty describes it as a glowing body, the Almighty says: (and a moon giving light) reference(9)

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