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A certain man caught a bird by cunning in a trap. The bird said to him, “ Noble sir, you have eaten many cattle and sheep and you have sacrificed many camels, but you have never in the world eaten of them so well that you never want to eat again; neither will you be satisfied by eating my limbs.

“ Let me go, so that I can give you as a gift three pieces of advice, and then you will see whether I am wise or foolish.

“I will give you the first of those pieces of advice while I am yet on your hand, the second of them from your plastered roof, and the third piece of advice I will give you from a tree. Let me go, because you will become lucky because of these three pieces of advice.

“As for that advice which I tell you while on your hand, it is this: ‘ Do not believe something ridiculous when you hear it, no matter from whom.”

When the bird had given the first serious piece of advice while on his captor’s palm, it became free and went to perch on the wall of his house.

It said, “The second is, ‘Do not become unhappy over what is past. When it has gone from you, do not feel regret for it.”

After that, it said to him, “ In my body there is concealed a single large and very valuable pearl, which is ten dirhams in weight. By the truth of your soul and as surely as you live, that jewel was your fortune and the good luck of your children. You have lost the pearl, because it was not destined for you to gain it, a pearl the like of which there is no other in the whole world.”

Just as a very pregnant women cries out at the time of giving birth, so the man began to weep desperately. The bird said to him, “Did I not advise you, saying, ‘Have no gried for what happened yesterday”? Since it is past and gone, why are you so unhappy? Either you did not understand my advice or you are deaf.

“As for the second piece of advice I gave you, ‘Do not believe a ridiculous statement. O lion, I myself do not weight dirhams; how could the weight of ten dirhams be inside me?”

The man recovered his wits and said, “Please, tell me the third piece of your excellent good advice.”

“Yes” said the bird, “you have made such good use of those first pieces of advice, that I should tell you the third! That would be a waste of time!”

To give advice to a sleepy ignoramus is to scatter seed on barren soil.

The rip of foolishness and ignorance cannot be patched up; do not give the seed of wisdom to a fool!
********************************************************************************  - Jesus : Jew by Race & Muslim by Religion Jews admit Moses and Jesus and all Prophets were muslims
Matthew 15:24 But He answered and said, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 
Matthew 15:26 And He answered and said, “It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” 
Allah sent Jesus son of Mary to give Allah's message to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and not to the non jewish race. He was sent only to a particular nation precisely. The Bread (the message the knowledge) he had was not for the non jews. And ofcourse remember that Jesus was a Muslim by religion but he was sent Only to the Jews.

Also when Allah ordered Prophet Jonah (Yunus PBUH) to go to the city of Nineveh and instead he went to Jaffa and he was punished by Allah.
Previous Prophets were sent to give the message/knowledge to a specific nation. 
But the Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of ALLAH be on him) was sent for the whole of mankind and the bread is for everyone whether he/she is in the east or in the west or in the north or in the south.

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