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So Remind ! [ The Jews and Christians (The People of the book)]

Remind ! [ The Jews and Christians (The People of the book)]
(By Abdul Fatir)

[Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim] 

[In the name of Allah , The Most Gracious , The Most merciful ]

The basic term that keeps coming up again and again in The Noble Qur'an is Zikr or Tazkira (Reminder) . Many times in the Noble Qur'an the Qur'an is referred to as Reminder.

Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, so from their guidance take an example. Say, "I ask of you for this message (i.e. Qur'an) no payment. It is not but a reminder for the worlds."
  -Surah An'aam (6:90)

And this [Qur'an] is a blessed reminder which We have sent down. Then are you with it unacquainted?
   -Surah Anbiya (21:50)

And We did not give Prophet Muhammad, knowledge of poetry, nor is it befitting for him. It is not but a reminder and a clear Qur'an
   -Surah Ya-Seen (36:69)

You can only warn one who follows the reminder and fears the Most Merciful unseen. So give him good tidings of forgiveness and noble reward.
    -Surah Ya-Seen (36:11)

Now you may be wondering that why is The Noble Qur'an called a reminder ? Isn't it that you are reminded of something you already knew before ? But have you even known about the message of The Noble Qur'an before ?

Well , I would say Yes ! The basic message of The Noble Qur'an is Pure Monotheism i.e. The Belief that there is only one God , Only one Creator of the universe. God is not unjust to anybody in the minutest degree. Before we all were even born on the earth Allah made us all bear witness that He is our Lord and the one and only creator of the universe and everything.

And [mention] when your Lord took from the children of Adam - from their loins - their descendants and made them testify of themselves, [saying to them], "Am I not your Lord?" They said, "Yes, we have testified." [This] - lest you should say on the day of Resurrection, "Indeed, we were of this unaware."
   -Surah A'raaf (7:172)

Allah made us testify but on our life on earth we forget about that conversation with our creator. Now a non-muslim may ask : "But why am I born a non-muslim family ?".
[Note : Being born in a Muslim family is not ticket to paradise]
Allah replies to this question very clearly in The Noble Qur'an :

"...Had Allah willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so race to [all that is] good. To Allah is your return all together, and He will [then] inform you concerning that over which you used to differ."
     -Surah Maidah (5:48)

Actually according to Islam nobody is born a non-muslim. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said :

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying:

No baby is born but upon Natural Religion (i.e. Islam , Submitting his will to Allah). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist*. A person said: Allah's Messenger, what is your opinion if they were to die before that (before reaching the age of adolescence when they can distinguish between right and wrong)? He said: It is Allah alone Who knows what they would be doing.
    -Saheeh Muslim :: Book 33 : Hadith 6426 

*Polytheism : Belief in multiple gods

Allah The-Exalted says in the Noble Qur'an :

So direct your face toward the religion, inclining to truth. [Adhere to] the Fitrah (Natural religion in which God created everyone i.e. Submission to the will of Allah (Islam))  of Allah upon which He has created [all] people. No change should there be in the creation of Allah . That is the correct religion, but most of the people do not know.
    -Surah Rum (30:30)

This is the reason why the Noble Qur'an is called a reminder because it reminds us all of the Oneness of Allah which we were born with. Allah also promises us to show the signs of truth of Islam :

We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things?
    -Surah Fussilat (41:53)

The revelation of the Book is from Allah , the Exalted in Might, the Wise.
Indeed, within the heavens and earth are signs for the believers.
And in the creation of yourselves and what He disperses of moving creatures are signs for people who are certain [in faith].
And [in] the alternation of night and day and [in] what Allah sends down from the sky of provision and gives life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness and [in His] directing of the winds are signs for a people who reason.
   -Surah Jathiyah (45:2-5)

Allah Subhannahuwatalah clearly mentions in The Glorious Qur'an :

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture (i.e. Earlier scriptures) did not differ except after knowledge had come to them - out of jealous animosity between themselves. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah , then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account.
    -Surah Ale-Imran (3:19)

And whoever desires other than Islam (i.e. Submission of will to the will of God) as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.
     -Surah Ale-Imran (3:85)

It is very clear that Islam is the true religion and the job of every Muslim is to Invite people to the truth. All your non-muslim brothers and sisters , your colleagues , your neighbours , your teachers ... whom you love , Is there a better sign of Love you can give to them than to remind them about the truth. Is there a better way to express your love and care for them ? Allah the-Mighty clearly orders us in the Noble Qur'an :

Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.
   -Surah Nahl (16:125)

This was the job of Prophets to remind people of the truth and every prophet did his job whether it be Musa (Moses) (pbuh) , Esa (Jesus) (pbuh) , Muhammad (pbuh) ... whichever prophet he may be , He used to call people to the truth because Allah says that He will never punish someone unless a warner came to him with truth. But since Muhammad (pbuh) was the last messenger , the job is on our shoulders now.

And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], "Worship Allah and avoid the false [worship of] gods." And among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was [deservedly] decreed. So proceed through the earth and observe how was the end of the deniers.
    -Surah Nahl (16:36)

We say that we love everyone (i.e. our non muslim friends) but even knowing what will happen to the rejectors of truth we don't invite them to Islam. Why ? 
Some of us invite people to Islam but when those whom we love with all our heart don't accept the truth we become sad. And we are strive and strive and strive desparately wanting to convert them to Islam but this is not our Job. Our Job is only to Remind them for it is Allah who turns the hearts. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was very sad in his earlier days when his beloved people did not accept his message , So , a verse was revealed in the Noble Quran (from where I got the topic of this article) :

So remind, [O Muhammad]; you are only a reminder.
You are not a dictator over them.
   -Surah Ghashiyah (88:21-22)

Allah said Fazakkir  (So Remind !) , He does'nt says Fazakkir Hum  (So Remind Them !) which means that Allah asks the messenger only to remind them over and over again and not to worry about if they accept it or not. This is what we should do , just to remind and seek help from Allah not to worry if they accept it or not.

"And say, "The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills - let him believe; and whoever wills - let him disbelieve...."
    -Surah Kahf (18:29)

To believe or disbelieve lies with a person , because in the end he has to face the consequences but since the Messenger knew what was going to happen if they don't accept the truth he was very sorrowful and sad for them. He grieved a lot. So, Allah revealed a verse in the Noble Qur'an :

Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.
     -Surah Kahf (18:6)

The job of the messengers and our job is just to Remind , not to see results , not to see people accepting Islam , not to convert them. Once the Prophet became really upset So Allah said :

"Not upon you, [O Muhammad], is [responsibility for] their guidance, but Allah guides whom He wills..."
   -Surah Bararah (2:272)

Reminding others is an obligation on every Muslim and Allah will hold us responsible if we don't deliver the message. For those Muslims who do not deliver the message Allah says :

Indeed, those who hide what We* sent down of clear proofs and guidance after We made it clear for the people in the Scripture - those are cursed by Allah and cursed by those who curse,
     -Surah Baqarah (2:159)

*We - Royal 'We'

So , here is a job for you , If you really love your non-muslim friends and want them to be successful in the hereafter then Invite them to Islam and Remind ! For it is Allah who turns the hearts.

May Allah open the hearts of our non-muslim friends to Islam.

Abdul Fatir

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